Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Single Living Skills

I know it seems really weird to have single living skills as a feature for widows.

Photo by Sherry Lutrell
1) Most widows hate that word "Single." Many abhor the perceptions of a single lifestyle. Many simply do not want to be swept into a "single" category because being widowed is so very different from being divorced or never married. So they tune out or boycott any time the word "Single" is attached to something.
2) Many people who are grieving simply have no interest in being single, nor energy for learning new skills.

However, the WCP seeks to help widows not only survive, but thrive! I believe in eternal life after death, and also life here on earth for the widow!

In the early days of grief, posts about single living skills are a little ridiculous---it's not the time. But sooner or later, the widow will lift up her head and see that the rest of the world is still spinning. (She'll probably kick and scream a little at their self-centered craziness and utter disrespect. I still do!) But then, she'll begin to notice things. She'll realize there are some things she always wanted to do but laid aside because she was in a marriage, and marriage is all about give and take, working together, trade-offs, compromise and partnership.

And then, just maybe, she'll understand why I post stuff for single living on Tuesdays. It's not a threat to the nobility of widowhood. It's just that, like the courageous widows of the past, the day will come when we need to pick up and live again, put the saddle on the horse and ride it.

And when that day comes, Single Living Skills will start to look a little interesting. So when you're ready, peek here on Tuesdays. It doesn't mean you're one of those---those "Singles"---it just means that you're starting to breathe again. And that's a good thing. You're coming alive.


  1. Thanks for the variety of posts you have. I have just very recently come to the realization that,even though I was very happy to be married,and wish I still was,but now I can also be very happy at this stage of life. As you well know,these feelings come and go,but I will choose to embrace the happy times when they come.

  2. To function as a "single" after being a "couple" for most of one's life is difficult. Society places much emphasis on having "a significant other." Best thought that comes to mind: "Just Breathe!"

  3. And here's to "breathing again" - it means I am alive - yes I am single now - but I am alive!

  4. Starting to breathe again and coming alive again. I like that. It still hurts, but the thought of this somehow working for good and God's glory is overwhelming.


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