Monday, October 22, 2012

Connecting - Let's Meet in Charlotte!

Isn't it good to know you're not the only widow out there? That there are others who "get it?" Others who have experienced not only widowhood, but perhaps some of your same circumstances like what your husband died from, how old your children are (if you have children), how old you are, and on and on?

Back in the days B.W. (before widowhood) I thought widows were only those cute little old ladies in the front row at church. Ha! Now I know better. Widows come in all ages, shapes, colors, languages and sizes! Some were married 6 months, others for 60 years! Some were pregnant when their husband died, others already had 10 or 12 children. Some are lawyers, some are ranchers wrangling livestock. Homeschoolers, homemakers, and just about every station of life in between!  I've "virtually" met widows from all over the world---Mongolia to Fiji, Canada to Nigeria to New Zealand, and every state in the US.

Last month I put about 3000 miles on my Ford Explorer visiting what seemed like every place I ever lived. It was a blast to see all my family and friends. But I also got to meet in person a few widows I've met on-line! I took some pictures---and kick myself because I didn't get a picture of Miriam Neff or Marcie Calandra. But here are the ones I did take:

Dianne and I had pumpkin season fun at Apple Hollar
Wendy and I shared our passion and concerns
for widows. She's founded a Chicagoland young widows
group and network!
Visit her blog: Us Without You
and her website Chicagoland Young Widowed Connection

Sharon and Christy met up for the first time,
 and met me for supper in Fondulac, Wisconsin
Christy was six months pregnant with Olivia when her husband
died. She's a great mom, works full-time and raises this
beautiful little one!
Her blog: Bless this Family

Sharon shared some of her experiences
 in my interview with her last week.
Be sure to visit her blogs too!
(They're linked in the interview)
I also got to visit with my wonderful Great Auntie Millie. She
recently moved to Indiana all the way from
California! I'll be praying for her first midwest winter after 50 or
more years of sunny California, but I know there's no
better place than with her loving family.
On November 10 I'm meeting up with Myra, Jan, and maybe Elizabeth in Charlotte, NC. Would you like to join us for lunch? We'll figure out the details as we go along, but I'd love to hear from you if you're available!

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