Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Prayer for Widows Who Are Under Tremendous Stress

Dear Lord,

All widows are under stress; figuring out a new direction in life, making major decisions without one's mate, raising children alone, dealing with grief . . . those things alone could make for an emotional earthquake that spikes the "Richter scale" of stress to a 10!

But when things like car repairs, wildfires, unemployment, going bankrupt, tornados, leaky roofs, rebellious children, threatening phone calls, having a baby, robbery, and even cancer are added to that 10---those are the widows I'm praying for today. These things happen; the world crashes in, and Your widows aren't exempt!

Yet, You are with us. Your Word is a light to our path. Your hand will guide and support us, invisibly holding us, pressing us to this direction or that, blocking us from far more treacherous trails. Your silence makes us yearn to see Your plan; the pressure sharpens our pain so we seek Your intervention; the sickness drives us to beg Your healing.

Will You hear? Will You listen? Will You charge in on Your white horse as our deliverer?

Lord, I have read the last chapter. You answer "Yes" to these questions! You are with us! You will win! How I praise You for the victory and the hope! Thank You for the promises--- joy does come in the morning, those who mourn shall be comforted. Thank You for the freedom that we can let our requests be known, and that we may ask so we will receive.

So, Lord Jesus, I bring these women under tremendous challenges and stressors to You today. I ask that You grant them knowledge of Your presence; may they know Your guidance and intervention in their lives. Show them the way to go. Grant peace to their anxieties, stillness to the inner clawing, and Holy Spirit calm to their soul. Most of all give them wisdom to place their faith in You, casting all their cares upon You. May they experience Your care, firsthand, in this stressful quake.    

By Your name, and for Your sake, Lord, Amen.


  1. A simple "thank you" doesn't seem enough. More and more, Saturdays are the loneliest and most difficult days of the week. This is when couples and families enjoy together whatever activities a beautiful October day can provide. Thank you for helping me through another one of those Saturdays. (please excuse if this is a double post; not sure if the first went through)

  2. Mari and Carol, I'm glad this touched you as it touched me while I prayed and wrote it. And Carol, thanks for the extra effort, the first comment did not come through. I hope that you'll soon find Saturdays are no longer so painful. Although not as good as the real thing, I'm sending you both some virtual hugs.

  3. Thank you, Ferree, for this beautiful post!


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