Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Prayer for Widows With Sons

Dear Lord,

I'm not saying that daughters are easier to raise, but there's a certain heartache when I think about boys without fathers. There are way too many of them, for a variety of reasons, but today I bring the widows' sons to you, my own included, even though he's an adult now.

Help me cling to you, Lord. To put my hope in you for your mercy and grace on our sons. Whether they turn to you and draw close to you as their father God, or whether they are weak and turn  to the world as prodigals, help us turn our burdens for them over to you, in full faith of your love and faithfulness.

Fritz Zuber Buhler (1822-1896)
Let us know you as the one who promised, "my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:30) Let us realize that you are aware of their situation and unwilling that any should perish. Quicken the inner man of our sons to make them alive in Christ. Draw them to yourself, strengthen them to desire you and to choose to obey you.
Help us as mothers to walk in obedience to you, to model a growing love for you and a desire to serve you with delight rather than a list of demands. Help us know the difference between your commands which bring life, and Pharisee-like demands which drain life.

Lord, too often the men who would be so helpful to our boys are either too blind or too busy to see how our sons need them. It hurts to see our sons so neglected by the church and our families. We ask, we suggest, and then give up; they don't understand what a painful effort it is to ask. Nor how discouraging it is when promises and good intentions aren't kept. We do notice, we are hurt, and our sons are very wounded by the disappointment and added grief of neglect and disinterest. Strengthen us and move on our behalf. If they still don't budge, help us forgive them, and cause your Holy Spirit to fill in this gap for our sons.

Lord, you are my defender! You are a father to the fatherless! You daily bear my burdens! Give me faith to believe those promises!

I cover this in Jesus name,

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
    is God in his holy dwelling.
Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
    who daily bears our burdens
Psalm 68:5, 19 (NIV)


  1. Speaking of son, now grown, has been helping me for about a month to search for and buy a new car. I miss my husband being me helping me KNIW what to do, but II pray about everything. My son knows this. He also is naturally very, very impatient (ha). We talked with dealer after dealer,searching for the " right" deal until we were stressed and worn out. One time got down to nearly signing the paperwork, when overnight the deal fell through (they sold it to someone else). I had prayed and asked the Lord to help me make the right decision ( both for quality, financially, what is best for me), asking Him to just "shut the door" on any purchase that was wrong for me. Twice a deal just fell through....doors shut, if not slammed! Yesterday, the Lord found the perfect purchase for me and allowed me to trade a motorcycle that I was having trouble selling to bring down the price! I know and believe the sweet Lord was with me every step of the always. My son is a believer but is not a church member ( something I still pray for) he mentions for me to pray for right decisions for him! It was a good way to tell of God's love and help my son to want to follow God's path in his I try to do as much as I know how. My son is a gift from God....also my new jeep. :). (ReginaV)

  2. Thank you-
    perfect timing!
    I am mother of 3 sons and oldest, though grown, my 'prodigal' going through particular difficulty now.
    5th anniversary of their father's death is tomorrow.
    Praying this prayer is helping me put into words some of my heartache.
    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful prayer. My mother-in-law became a widow when my husband was just 9 yrs old. I found a sympathy card where someone wrote for him to stop crying because it would not bring his father back and he was now the man of the household. Ugh! What a thing to say to a 9 year old. He did have some male role models but could have used more.

  4. I admire all you ladies, and its a privilege for me to see God working out His redemption in the midst of these situations, although for some of us we wish we were past the "working out" stage! @modo1744, I'd have to agree---that tops the list of "what not to say." How interesting that you found that card and caught a glimpse of your husband's life as a child.


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