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Jennifer Sands Trilogy

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Free Book Give-Away, and today I'm featuring these THREE autographed, hard cover books by this wonderful lady, 9/11 widow Jennifer Sands. I met Jennifer last year when she was speaking at a writers conference I attended. (I was anticipating this book give away way back then!). If you want to increase your chances of winning any of the books I've featured this month, just scroll down through all these posts and comment on any of the posts in July.
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We need to know we're not alone, and so we read. Books, blogs, emails, and tiny little tweets and status updates keep widows connected to life. It looks like a crazy carousel ride from widow world, but, like C.S. Lewis said, "We read to know we are not alone."
Here are three books by one author willing to open her life and heart so we really do know we're not alone. I love each of these books! Jennifer Sands, a 9/11 widow wrote them after the death of her husband in tower one of the WTC. She lets you walk in on the pain, of course, but as you read along you also begin to see the subtle changes, growth spurts and transformations.

A Tempered Faith: REDISCOVERING HOPE IN THE ASHES OF LOSSA Tempered Faith outlines 9/11 and the year following, and wow! Was she angry at God! The last section of the book is brief excerpts from Grace for the Moment Journal by Max Lucado that she had received as a gift. A lovely volume, it topped each day with a pre-printed inspirational quote that she responded to. The January 1, 2002 entry reads: 
God wants to hear what you have to say. How does that make you feel? 
Her response:
It makes me wonder why I even bother praying, since You're just gonna do whatever You want anyway . . .
But by her last entry, December 31, 2002 she was able to say, "I thank You for this past year, Lord . . ." (pg. 175)

A Teachable Faith is cleverly written with short, lively chapters capturing her excitement of beginning to see God at work in her every day life, and experiencing how He "saves those who are crushed in spirit."

A Teachable Faith: Learning from God in Everyday Life
A Treasured Faith: Refining a Heart for the Riches of ChristA Treasured Faith crowns the trilogy as she battles breast cancer and discovers the treasures of God's Word for our trials.
Take a look at these for yourself, and if you ever get a chance to meet her, tell her "Ferree says Hi."
Visit her website for contact and event info at Jennifer



  1. I recently read the first book, I was able to get it at the library. They don't have the 2nd book. I liked the idea of the journal she wrote in every night, answering a question. I have found a lot of great resources from WCP and Lifeboat and the members. I wish I had access to it 2 yrs ago, but then maybe I wasn't ready for it at that time. I feel that these groups have helped a lot.
    Thanks, Teri

  2. Ferree this book giveaway is such a wonderful idea. It will be exciting to see how God designs the process so each person gets just the right book for them!

  3. Wew!!!! What a triple treasure! In a world where words are used so often to hurt, I thank God daily for those of you who have been blessed with the ability to use words to HEAL!!!

  4. Wow! The 1st book catches my attention. I have also sometimes been so angry at God even when I feel I have dealt with it. I sincerely look forward to God's healing. Thank God for books and all the great people that are willing to share their experiences and walk through grief. Halima

  5. Since Monday's topic is Grief....... I took "our" 10-yr old Yorkie for his annual vet visit today. This is the first visit since my husband died. Fred, the sweet little dog, was his very best friend. He nearly grieved himself to death, but decided to cling to me since that's all he had. I love him, too, always have. But he was especially close to Jim during his last sickest days of sickness. He gets very upset and stressed at the vet so it's a hard day for both if us. He d oes not shed nirmally, but the trip to the vet covers me and the vehicle with hair due to his stress. I came back home and caught myself about to announce to Jim out loud (my now deceased husband, who was always concerned for him but not well enough to go with us) that we were back and he made it just fine! Then I remembered he wasn't here to tell that to. I experienced another wave of grief that made me sad and tearful. Sometimes I think things will never be " right". We just need to pray for that peace that only God can provide. Some days I do truly feel alone, even through all of the busy- ness. And Jim will have been gone now only two weeks short of a year. Seems like it was today he left. (ReginaV)

  6. Deaer Regina, Yes, those waves of grief can knock us over at the most unexpected times. You're coming up on an important date and the memories as so intense and precious. Some day things will be "right," as you keep clinging to the Lord, but for now, remember that you loved your husband for years and years, so that bond runs very deep and lasting and you miss him very much. ((hugs))

  7. It gives me hope to know that others who have gone or going through this journey are moving forward and continue to cling to the Lord.


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