Saturday, January 7, 2012

Promises For The Brokenhearted

Are you poor? Brokenhearted? Enslaved or imprisoned? Mourning or grieving?
We can take heart! Isaiah 61 promises a day of God's favor!
Why not read through this marvelous chapter right now---it tells of the day when God will set things right if you've been wronged.
There will come a day when instead of the ashes of loss, God will set a crown of beauty upon your head.
There will come a day when instead of mourning He'll give the oil of gladness.
Instead of a spirit of despair you'll be clothed with a garment of praise.
Instead of shame, all will respect and admire those who have been down-trodden. For all will see that they've grown into strong, tall oaks of righteousness, glorious with the splendor of God.
Believe . . . and be amazed in the dawning of that day!

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  1. Hi Ferree, thanks for today's encouragement. I have been praying for a garment of praise to replace my spirit of heaviness each morning as it was all I could manage at the time and God has been so faithful. This Chapter really is a Word of God 'Fix it' for widows. Bless you xx


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