Friday, January 6, 2012

Simon's Cat 'Snow Business' for Friday Funnie

Sometimes women are surprised/shocked/offended that we have a light-hearted day here at WCP.
But there are couple reasons I do this, entirely personal and intuitive--risky, I guess.

First, at Bruce's funeral, when everyone asked what I needed, what they could do for me, I told them to tell me jokes! I agree, I'm kind of weird, but I think there was some sort of wisdom surfacing in that request. Bruce was a great jokester and storyteller, so maybe I was grasping for some way to hang on to him, but I've had more "thank you's" than rotten tomatos thrown at this day of posts. I think I'm on target.

Second, I'd like to give you permission to grin, smile, even laugh out loud. Here on the blog you'll do it in the privacy of your own home. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get used to that strange sound and the fun feeling that's become so foreign. Please believe me, it's OK to feel happy again. It's like a break in the weather--let it shine.


  1. Laughter...widows need it.

    I arranged my Mom's memorial service when she died in 1997. My Mom was quite a character, a nut case. :) She had a lot of very funny friends as well, and her service was a love-fest. I asked several of her best friends to write little anecdotes about their times together. I assured them they would not have to read them (I had the pastor read them). The place was in stitches, and I thought it was an extremely fitting thing to do.

    So when John died, I did the same thing because like my Mom, John was always the life of the party. He made me laugh multiple times, every day. One of his friends wrote about streaking across the university they attended together, and John getting caught by campus police. It was hilarious, and the whole church was cracking up. Our youngest son leaned over and asked me, "Did YOU know Dad streaked?" "Yup," I said, "he told me all about it." Best thing about it, aside from the laughter, was that my sons got to hear about a side of their Dad they really didn't know much about - that of a friend and community member. It was awesome.

  2. I love Simon's Cat! I like to smile too (-:
    Thank you-

  3. Yay Ferree, wonderful. Where did you find that. Thank you

  4. I loved this Ferree! Laughter is a gift from God just like tears. Come to think of it: how often do we shed tears while having a good laugh?! It's healthy, important and vital in our healing process! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm going to watch it again. And BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog. There is no way I can think of stink bugs as angelic. In my mind they are the enemy, lol!

  5. You give me a grin, Renee'. And I never thought of that close correlation between laughter and tears--I have to agree they're both a gift. And the stink bugs---I thought that might catch your attention! lol

  6. The first time I laughed after Don died I felt so guilty...until I remembered that he loved me to laugh...then I felt sad because I loved him to laugh too! Now I feel a connection to him when I laugh...though sometimes I can't stop thinking "oh I'll get up and go show Don this, or read Don this or let Don hear this" and then I remember he isn't here...but I laugh anyway, and we share it though an eternity apart!


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