Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forgotten Widows & Their Daughters

Her young eyes glowed with wonder as she sat down at the candlelit table with it's white tablecloth and a fresh flower. Her pink dress was clean and pressed, a little out-of-date, but she was obviously feeling very special. About 10 years old, this little girl was on her best behavior, sitting up straight, prim and proper. Her dark curly hair was up in a ponytail, framing her soft and perfect light brown skin and accentuating her pretty mouth and pearly teeth, as she smiled at the two men accompanying her.

I looked around the restaurant in alarm. Didn't anyone else see what was wrong with this picture? Why were these two men--dressed like dirty lumberjacks--oh, nevermind what they were wearing-- Why were two grown men taking a little girl out to dinner? My heart starts to pound even today. God, I hope I wasn't witnessing this girl's last supper, or her descent into the hell of human trafficking and sexual slavery.

I pray for her still, and I pray for me--- that the next time I see something so not right, that I will set aside my niceties, take off the gloves and demand to know what's going on. Yes, cause a riot in the restaurant! Will you join me? I think that's a high and noble legacy for a widow--defending the defenseless. Did you know that of all the downtrodden populations in the world--the homeless, the hungry, the poor, the abused, the persecuted . . . did you know that the majority of underpriveleged and enslaved people on earth are women?

Forgotten Girls: Stories of Hope and Courage   -     
        By: Kay Strom, Michele Rickett

Forgotten Girls:

Stories of Hope and Courage

And did you know that human trafficking is on the rise in the United States? I didn't even realize it existed here until last year when I found out my darling state of "Ohio--The Heart Of It All" is one of the worst places for it, with over 1000 children forced into the sex trade each year! Here's my source.

What, you might ask, does this topic have to do with widows, and the fact that every Wednesday here on the WCP the focus is widows' stories?

I guess the connection is any connection that you'd care to make, dear lady. All I know is that some horrible things are happening in our world---and that God has a mission and purpose---a story-- for each one of us to fulfill. Maybe someday you'll see some slimy men treating an innocent little girl to a candlelight dinner . . . maybe you'll save a child. Or maybe you'll raise your own children to be antibodies in this sin-sick world. All I know is we're here and we're needed.

If you had lived in the 1800's, would you have helped abolish slavery? Well, it's raised it's ugly head again! Here are some good organizations at the forefront of this battle: Polaris Project Visit their site to find out what organizations are at work in your state
She Is Safe This mission organization ministers to guess who???? WOMEN!

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Be aware.


  1. Thank you for reminding us of this, Ferree.

  2. I did not know about this date Ferree...I will share it. Thank you for sharing about this and challenging us to stand up and fight for so many of our own gender who suffer still at the hand of evil men.

  3. Makes my heart sick. :( My church has a ministry to help women and children in sex trafficking.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Ferree (I wasn't aware of the national day of observance). I shared the video, news report, and book title today in the blog my mentee and I started last week -- even if just my mentee becomes aware, it's good. She lives in the same community that the 70+ year-old woman does who attended the self-defense course with me. My mentee has two little sisters, a single working mom, and an abuela who helps look after them -- there's still risk, but a ring of people looking out. Next week, though, school is being cut to 1/2 day (the levy didn't pass), so these girls will be making a long trek home to a house that may be empty.
    (I signed up again to follow your blog; I hope I was successful in doing it correctly this time:D).


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