Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gracia Burnham

Almost one year ago I mentioned a woman I'd like to meet someday--Gracia Burnham--and this weekend I hope to meet her! And if I do meet her, you'll certainly get to know her, too. Why not click on her name and find out why I'm so interested.

A good resource for widows is my blog list. I urge you to visit the Christian widows blogs and websites. Professional speakers and writers are indicated by their full names (I'll be adding more soon!) and they might have books to offer, seminars, etc. We can learn a lot from each other so I hope you'll use the blog list frequently. ferree

P.S. Thank you, Janice and Cindy, for upping the members to 101 and 102! I love seeing those little icons multiply--makes my day.  


  1. I read her first book after coming across it on the library's new book shelf and in reflection now I think it planted something in me that helped me endure the passing of Ken years later. I especially loved her story of wanting a hamburger and being provided one unexpectedly by her captors. I am thinking we all need to share our stories of how God has and continues to provide for us as encouragement for others. I am going to track down her other book and am looking forward to reading it.

  2. That will be wonderful! I hope to meet her one day soon as well!


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