Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have you participated in a GriefShare support group yet?
Here's what widows on Lifeboat* have been saying about it recently:
  • I was the youngest member of my GS group by far, but I found the other members to be very comforting and understanding. The content of GS is amazing. I was so encouraged by what I learned there.
  • I was one of the 2 younger widows in grief share (at 46) and the newest widow. Hang in there it is a fabulous tool in handling grief.
  • And I am staying with GriefShare. It is a very good program.
I attended a GriefShare group several years ago to see what it was all about--and Oh! How I wish there had been such a thing when I was widowed! It's a 13-week series, but each session was written to stand alone so you can start attending at any time-- you don't have to start at the beginning. Later on when it's offered again, or offered someplace else, you may pick up the sessions you missed. There are now 5000 groups meeting throughout the US, Canada and even other countries, so chances are good there's one close enough to your location.

I recently began GriefShare in my own church, and how I wish you could come to that with me! And Shearon, who follows this blog, will be starting GriefShare in her church in on Oct. 2. GriefShare is driven by people like us who've "been there" and have experienced God's mercy and grace and want to make sure everyone who's interested can discover it, too. It's not only for widows, but for all who've lost a loved one through death-- husband or wife, a child, parent, sibling, relative or friend-- recently or even if its been several years. 

When you attend there are three components: you'll watch a video packed with outstanding experts, dramatic examples, and easy-to-understand explanations of the process of grief. You'll receive a workbook with session outlines and journaling exercises to do during the week--this will be a great tool when you look back and see how far you've come! And of course, there's a guided discussion time which you're welcome to join or just listen in. No one is ever put on the spot. 

To learn more about GriefShare or find a group near you, visit their website! I think you'll really be glad you did!

*Lifeboat is a private Facebook group of peer support for Christian widows. (You don't have to be a Christian to climb aboard, I'm just letting you know they talk about Jesus!) You are very welcome to try it out! Just send me a friend request on Facebook, mention the word Lifeboat, and you're in! If you decide it's not for you, click the Leave Group line. Easy peasy. You're not alone!



  1. I had the privilege of attending a GS group, just several months after becoming a widow. Mine also took place in the fall and was so helpful in anticipation of my first wedding anniversary and holiday season without the love of my life. I too, highly recommend and encourage anyone dealing with grief to attend and be supported and loved by the group. You will be blessed!

  2. I will be starting my first grief share group next week. I am very excited to participate. I am hoping it helps me move forward. :)

  3. Grief Share is great! I was only able to attend a few of the thirteen sessions, but the ones I attended had a very positive impact on my grief process.


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