Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fun: The Kids Have Plans!

And here I used to think the L.L. Bean catalog might be a nice way to find a new husband-- "Hello customer service, could you send me that guy in the flannel shirt on page 64?" . . . but Rebecca's daughter has a far more up-to-date idea! Here's what happened to Rebecca the other day. She writes . . .

Let me preface my story by all know I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but I may have stumbled upon another use for it, thanks to my lovely Olivia!

Last night was Olivia's first soccer practice and any time we're in a situation like that where there are lots of dads running around, Olivia starts actively campaigning for one of her own. Granted, the campaign usually lasts about 10 minutes (she is only six after all) but we have talked about it before. She knows that if I would ever get married again, she would have a second daddy and she's all for that.

"So Mom, who will be my second daddy?"

"I don't know Olivia. We have to wait on God to send us one if He wants to."

"Well I want Him to. Hey Mom, you should get on Facebook and look at all the second daddys and pick the one you want. Then we'll ask Jesus, and He'll think about it, and say yes, and then He'll send us our second daddy."

"Okay, Olivia...but it doesn't really work that way. Our second daddy will have to pick us too."

"Oh don't worry, Mom. He will."

LOL! So for all you singletons out there, just think - your man may be just one click away!!!


  1. Yeah- 'Olivia's mom' lol I can attest to the faith of a child.... :-) ---Carol

  2. Cute and sweet how a child thinks...and God does delight in answering their prayers. Watch out, Olivia's mom! ---Sarah H.


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