Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Single Living Skill: Should You Rent Out A Room?

Have you ever thought taking in a boarder and sharing the living expenses?

Look before you leap, as the saying goes, and here's a recent article to consider:


This concept is nothing new. I'll bet if you ask around, you might find that your grandparents or other family members were either the landlords or the boarders. Also, authors Elizabeth Elliott and Jerry Sittser (A Grace Disguised) each had boarders when they were widowed.

Think about it. Is it for you? Most importantly, pray about it. And I'd love to hear your opinions and comments!


  1. I boarded with a widow once and lived with her for about 1 1/2 years. When I moved out, she sold the house where she and her husband had lived and moved to a townhouse ... it was time.

    I was older when I did this ... late 30s early 40s. It worked out okay. I was in-between living situations. The only big issue ... she was a terrible cook. I still stay with this lady when I visit at the coast. She is a great gal. She is now 79.

    I don't know if I could take in a border. I thought about it this year as the church was looking for people to take in students that were going through a discipleship program at the church for 7 months. I couldn't give up my space as I love the quiet of time alone. My house is quite small and the "guest" room quite small. How could we escape from one another? A lot would hinge on personality!

  2. Yes, personalities would be a very important factor. And I think the issues you point out show floor plan and living habits as another factor. Someone who likes quietness would not be good with someone who's hard of hearing and needs the tv turned loud. Lots to consider. Thanks for the input, cicero!


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