Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Widows Story: Secret Powerhouse!

Is there a row of little white-haired widows in your church? Don't let looks deceive you! Chances are these women are spiritual GIANTS and dynamos!
They would never admit to that, which makes my case even stronger when you remember "when I am weak then I am strong" sort of stuff Paul wrote about in II Corinthians 12:9,10. My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness . . .

You'll probably hear them say, "Oh, I just have to give it all to Jesus," or "God is good," or "He helps me through each day." I say, "Mark these women and learn their secrets!"

One lady I watched was Bruces' first church secretary. Her husband had also been a pastor, although he did not make his living that way. He was a regular part-time pastor for several years in different churches in the area.

After my husband, Bruce, died she told me her story bit by bit, simply in passing. I'll never forget it.

Her husband died before there were grief support groups in the area, and unfortunately there was little support from the busy pastor at the church she attended. So guess what Eleanor did? Or she would say the Lord did it--within a few months dozens of people were gathering in her house. People who had lost their mates, be it from death or divorce, found some solace and comfort and healing in Eleanor's open home.

Eleanor said, "The widow's group lasted for about seven years with an attendance of around 30 at the beginning, but dwindled after awhile. The meetings were not very formal, we just talked about all of our concerns, such as loneliness, finances, our kids, etc. We laughed together, cried together and just had good companionship. It was a good thing and sorely needed at that time."

Bruce was delighted to work with her. She was quiet and reserved, but her eyes twinkled when she smiled, and she did that whenever she greeted someone. I can still remember her sweet laughter, too. And I still have some floor cushions I bought at her garage sale when she moved into her apartment! (Remember that, Eleanor?)

Another thing I admired was how she travelled! She was in her 70's but she went everywhere! She frequently hopped a plane to visit family out west; she took tours to Israel, another time she went to Egypt . . . plus a few other places I can't recall.

Recently she had her 95th birthday. Happy Birthday, Eleanor, and may many of us follow your example as you have followed Christ!

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  1. These saints are a great example.I only pray that I can be an example to others who may be watching me.


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