Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday FYI

On Fridays I try to post something funny as a bit of grief relief. But I just found out about a family movie event happening tomorrow night on Fox at 8:00 EST, 7:00 Central, as part of Walmart and P&G's Family Movie Night series.

Here's bit of the info I received from Family Life's Dennis Rainey:

Change of Plans tells the story of a young couple, Sally and Jason, whose lives are turned upside down when Sally's best friend from college is killed in a tragic accident. Sally and Jason are forced to make some life-altering decisions when they discover that she has been named legal guardian to her friend's four children, three of whom were adopted from third world countries. Change of Plans stars Brooke White (American Idol) and Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and according to the official website, portrays how "fulfilling life can be when you look beyond your own plans and invest in the lives of others." What a great discussion starter for you to engage your kids around issues that are truly important.

Here's the movie website where you can view a trailer: Change of Plans

It looks like Family Movie Night will be regularly sponsored by Walmart and P&G, so if you find it worthwhile, please watch for their upcoming events.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow morning for your Saturday Sabbatical. I think you'll love the special feature I have for you. And don't forget, Family Movie Night on Fox, tomorrow night. Please check your local listings for time zones as I can't really conceive of anything past daylight savings time, and sometimes that's too much! lol

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  1. My mom sent me a link to a preview of this movie a few days ago. I think it looks good and hope to watch it.


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