Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resources for Widows: Blogs

Some of the very best resources I have for you are a simple mouse slide away. Slide over to the sidebar of this blog where you'll see Walking Through This. These blogs are journals written by widows like you--real women, daily life, and how are they going to make it. Visiting these blogs will put you in step with them on your journey to hope. Wouldn't it be nice to have a walking partner or sight some other pilgrims?

Today I'm re-posting from Maria's Blog. Maria and I had hoped to get together this past weekend because I was visiting her corner of Ohio. Our visit got waylaid, but we did get to talk on the phone for about an hour--it was wonderful to meet her. She's a great thinker and communicator, and I think you'll really appreciate what she'll share today. Be sure to visit her blog, too; she's posted more since Sunday. The picture above and the words below are from her blessed-new-year post.

As a recent widow, I spend a lot of time thinking about the past. My husband died on May 17, 2009 – not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, wish he was here, ache to hold him, ache even more for him to hold me, and wonder when the day will come when I finally stop doubting that I can live a life worthy of God’s blessing without Kevin. My 2010 was actually much worse than 2009. It began to sink in with each new day that this was my life. No Kevin – ever. It was just me. That dream I had was just that – a dream. Time to really wake up and start a new day of my new life and try not to curse it but bless it and be a blessing in it.

Easier said and wished for than done.

However, 2011 is a new year. A new beginning. I can choose to be blessed- “happy, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable ” according to the Amplified Bible. I can also choose to be a blessing (one who dispenses good) to others. The blessing and grace from God is always there. It is up to me to receive it.

In other words, God will not simply rain down His blessing on me as I sit on my laurels or wallow in my depression, suddenly making me feel like a new woman. He is not a Benevolent Genie, magically transforming my oppression into joy because I wish it. God does not make me a blessing to others because I look so pretty or have some aura of goodness surrounding me. His grace is a gift, and a gift is something to be received with humility and thankfulness.

Therefore, in 2011 I will choose to see His blessing, receive it with joy, and confer it to others – even when I feel like digging a hole and climbing in it for the rest of my natural life. God will not bless my life if I am not living. I must walk in His Way daily, not heeding the counsel of the ungodly, but meditating on His word on a consistent basis.

I pray that your 2011 will be truly blessed.

Choosing to Live Victoriously,
Maria, the Warrior Princess


  1. After reading Maria's entry for the new year, I have no doubt that she WILL have a blessed year.

  2. This is very encouraging.I can choose my attitude,if not my circumstances.


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