Wednesday, October 12, 2022


One round of widowhood is bad enough, but some widows remarry. Many of them go through it again. (I will probably have another turn at it--not looking forward to that!). What's it like the second time? 

My Facebook friend Peggy Tillman just sent me a link for her blogs about it. Her hubby passed just last week, and the funeral was yesterday, so she's writing in real time. 

This is a VALUABLE and PRECIOUS gift to those who chose to receive it. Her writing is superb, and her thoughts are anchored in God's truth. She learned a lot from her first bout as a widow, and she's applying it now. I am amazed and so proud of her! 

Please be praying for her---every widow needs prayer no matter how "well" they seem to be doing. Her goal right now is to just breathe and drink tea. 

Let her words and her life minister to you with her honesty, grateful heart and Southern ways (which I personally found so helpful during mourning---Southern culture "gets it" more often than the rest of the country). 

Here's a link and a line from her blog to get you started....   💗 ferree

What now, Peggy Tillman?

"It's a little different this time. (How many women can say "this time" about the death of a spouse?" What a stupid club I belong to now. No one wants to come to THAT meeting.) By different I mean..."

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