Monday, October 24, 2022

Catching Up: Too Many Funerals

 A dear reader emailed me the other day wondering if I was alright since I've not blogged much as I'd like, nor as regularly. My ideal would be to post once a week---but that hasn't happened. Instead, I'm kind of feeling like I joined the "Funeral of The Month Club"---I'm NOT recruiting new members!

A year ago my husband took a job opportunity here in his hometown of Ticonderoga, NY. One of the best things about it was that we could be near his parents, Don and Elaine. Don turned 88 in May, so these were treasured days. We've seen God's gracious providence in this because on Sept. 21, Don woke up in Heaven. He'd had some recent trips to the ER, but the doctors couldn't tell us much, and he always rallied and was back to normal really quick, so it was somewhat of a shock. The funeral was on that Saturday, the 24th. We scrambled as best we could. Our church is without a pastor, but God provided the best chaplain for it, a dear friend who "just happened" to be in the area that week. There were too many such details and provisions to list here but I shared them with some texts to family. 

Do you journal or jot notes down on a calendar, notebook or save your cell phone texts? I encourage you to write stuff down! You will love seeing God's fingerprints on your calendar or journal!

I'm  sure you all have many evidences of God's grace touching on your day-to-day lives, but especially when crises arrive the mercies arrive. The briefest of note might help you recall His great mercy and faithfulness. Write it down today!

Well, between my father-in-law's funeral and now having a widow very close to me, life has been busy enough. So many good things though---like having a house full of people and cooking and serving! (You might think I'm crazy but I love a house full of people I can feed). 

But, this past Friday was my first husband's mother's funeral---my "first" mother-in-law passed away only two weeks after my current father-in-law did. I was able to attend her funeral in Michigan and re-connect with that side of the family, and also one of my daughters who was able to come, and I got to stay with my sister who "just happens" to live in the area. 

Two funerals too many! But the conversations they created all had a main theme---let's work hard to get together BEFORE the funerals! Funerals are inevitable, and family will heroically juggle their lives to attend. But we could get together with a lot less stress, effort and money to weave our lives together and build memories and relationships that last even better. 

Family relationships can get very complicated during widowhood! But work hard to be the one who takes the first step---(and that's a step you might have to take over and over)---and the benefits are beyond what we can ask or imagine.

Although I only arrived home yesterday, today I'm travelling again! Previous commitment, and it's a happy event. But I will not be able to reply to emails, so I don't want you to be disappointed if you don't hear back from me. I will, however, be able to post your comments. (If you're seeing this on your phone, first go to the blog by clicking on the title). Just look below here and you'll see a place to comment.

💗 Ferree   

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