Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Catching Up: My first Non-Widows group to study my book!


Left side, from back to front: Marie, Brenda, Diane
Right side, from front to back: Sandy, Carol, Angela and Dawn 

For months I've been wanting to tell you about this fantastic group of women in South Carolina! I really miss them now that I'm in New York. I took this picture when they treated me to a dinner out since they knew I'd be moving away. This picture was way back in October. Goodness, it's not like I've moved 1000 miles away, unpacked hundreds of boxes, had Covid twice (very mild, no worries), started coaching, spoke at A Widows Journey Retreat...I'm tired just thinking about these whirlwind months!

Once I got moved, these dear friends decided to stay connected on weekly Zoom meetings,; they asked me to lead them in a study through my book, "Postcards from the Widows' Path." The book has 5 sections, and we covered a section each week for 5 weeks in January and February. 

The most intriguing part for me was that none of them were widows, and they were actually quite reluctant to read a book on widowhood. But, they were such good friends that they swallowed their fear, joined in, and found out that they really loved it! They loved our time together, and grew in their love for the Lord and his amazing work in widows' lives.

Want to see what they told me about it when I asked for an evaluation? Here's a collection of comments they sent me:

For a couple of us, our favorite part of the book was the Introduction.  Loved how honest you were about your feelings of anger and how you worked through it.  I (Carol) also loved the chapter where God worked out His plan for Ruth and Boaz.  I love a good romance but I loved how God used Naomi to help Ruth…  I love this story and I love the way you tell it in the book.

“Even though I am not and never want to be a widow, I appreciated your emphasis on being prepared for that possibility.  Knowing where things are as far as the things he does in the home, also records and financial things that he handles, such as taxes.  Working together to make sure I'm not caught without important information, such as passwords, insurance, bank accounts, etc.  It’s not easy to think about but it’s so important to be prepared.”

“My greatest take-away from your study was that no matter what your age, married, widowed, or divorced, all of the principles discussed are very applicable.  It helps to be prepared and to have a good foundation of friends to help you through.”

“While I am not a widow, I am friends with ladies who have gone through the loss of their husbands.  I think this study helped raise my awareness of what their needs are and how to be a better friend to them.”

 "It really is an excellent study.  I think far too many women are not as prepared as they should be."

"An Unexpected Treasure for a Bible study! Although written for widows, the study is an excellent look into the life of Ruth, and more importantly (for me) the life of Naomi. The book is focused on the steps to help through the difficulties associated with the loss of a loved one. However, it's a great resource for anyone who has experienced loss--whether a child, a spouse or even a divorce. Learning to pray for Kindness and Rest for persons in the pain of loss was another significant point that will remain with me. This is a timeless story that Ferree lovingly researched.

 Thank you, dear friends! The Lord bless you and keep you while we are apart! 💗 Ferree

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