Monday, May 23, 2022

3 Blogs I Think You'll Love + They have free stuff! πŸ‘€

 Here are three other widow's blogs that are just fantastic! Although I'm sorry they've joined this club, I'm so grateful they're using this time to heal, rebuild, and help others along the way. That's what we're here for, don't you agree? We bear each other's burdens, and in doing so we don't waste our sorrows. God still has so much good in store, a unique purpose for us each (for you!) to fulfill, and our own personal message to share.

I mentioned Clarissa Moll a few weeks ago. Have you signed up for her emails yet? Today she has a couple of free gifts, so get right over there! I know how much you love freebies and these look really special so sign up today!

The Pastor's Widow is also great. Her blog is here:

And I think you will appreciate her Facebook page too, maybe even more:

A widow friend in California sent me to blogger Pam Luschei, and she's always on target with her writing. My friend, Sue, told me "a gifted writer for sure. I love the depth of her thoughts and what they teach me." I couldn't agree more!

Visit and you can download her free E-book!

Mostly though, I think you'll benefit from subscribing to each of these. God's help comes from many people. I'm grateful I have found these to share with you.  πŸ’— ferree

PS. If you think you need more personal help, and are ready to look at rebuilding your life, look into some private Life Coaching with me. Email me to set up a free consultation. 

For more info, click here: Rebuilding After Loss

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