Tuesday, March 1, 2022

My Book "Postcards from the Widows Path" is Available Now

It's been longer than I hoped to get my book posted for sale once again, but today I'm finally ready and set up for sales in the state of New York.

Price remains the same for now! Even though the cost of printing and shipping, etc.,  has gone up, for now you can still get it at 20% off the retail price. I'll re-evaluate later this year to see if I can still do that. 

Please remember that my blog site www.WidowsChristianPlace.com is the ONLY PLACE you can order my book. I listed it on Amazon for a few years but the fees and shipping options were way too high, so I'm saving us all some $ by doing it here. Sorry, Amazon. 

To order, simply click the line at the top of Widows Christian Place where you see the word BOOKSTORE. That will take you to a page with a PayPal button and PayPal takes care of the order from there. I receive their order and I am actually the one who ships your book, or books if you're ordering for give-aways or groups. If you ever need to contact me about your order, use the notes section of PayPal, or email me immediately at WCplace@gmail.com so I can respond. I try to ship within 24 hours, so hopefully you can catch me! I use media mail rates so I'm not able to add personal notes. Your book(s) should arrive in about a week. I always keep the tracking numbers so please let me know if you think they are taking too long. 

Also, did you know I have an AUDIO VERSION of "Postcards...?" Yes! A young widow in Oregon loved it so much, and is trained as a professional narrator, so she produced a beautiful audio version. It's available on Audible, and the link is on my Bookstore tab. If you are outside the US, the audio version might be a great alternative for you since I don't ship internationally. 

Thank you so much for your interest in "Postcards..." The Lord has used this book to truly transform and enrich so many widows. I will always miss my husband, Bruce, but I know that when I see Jesus it will have been worth it all, and everything will have turned out perfectly (see pg. 207 in the book). And I'm grateful for my husband now, Tom, who blesses me (and you!) by supporting, enabling, and encouraging me to never quit ministering to other widows. 💗 Ferree

P.S. If you receive this blog post on your phone or email and it doesn't connect to the link I provided, then click on the title of this post. That will get you to the actual website where you can easily find the bookstore. Thank you! 

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