Sunday, February 27, 2022

Meet Me On Friday for Dinner?

On Friday the Widows Journey Retreat begins in Sandy Cove, Maryland! If you will be there, I'd love to meet you. Please join me for supper on Friday. Email me at to let me know you're coming. I'll save a table for us all!

Widows Journey Retreat 2018

My heart gets heavier and heavier for Ukraine and our world every time I turn on the TV. It will be good to take some time to step away and focus on God's outlook and will for us. This retreat is an investment in our future and how we can make the most of it. Please pray for all who will attend, and pray for Gayle Roper who heads it up, the group leaders and the speakers. I'll be speaking too, and I truly would be encouraged and strengthened by your prayers. 

I'm feeling so distracted by this invasion of Ukraine, and I wonder if you feel it too? I'm feeling very concerned and full of dread; I think it's because God is calling us to pray, to take these awful feelings and use them to intercede for the people of Ukraine. We see their desperation, their love of country and their self-sacrifice. Psalm 57 is well put, and might help you pray in a deep way for them.

Thank you for visiting here today, and for praying! 💗 Ferree  

P.S. Don't forget to email me about dinner on Friday at the Widows Journey Retreat!


Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me,

    for in you I take refuge.

I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings

    until the disaster has passed.

 I cry out to God Most High,

    to God, who vindicates me.

 He sends from heaven and saves me,

    rebuking those who hotly pursue me—

    God sends forth his love and his faithfulness.

 I am in the midst of lions;

    I am forced to dwell among ravenous beasts—

men whose teeth are spears and arrows,

    whose tongues are sharp swords.

 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;

    let your glory be over all the earth.

 They spread a net for my feet—

    I was bowed down in distress.

They dug a pit in my path—

    but they have fallen into it themselves.

 My heart, O God, is steadfast,

    my heart is steadfast;

    I will sing and make music.

 Awake, my soul!

    Awake, harp and lyre!

    I will awaken the dawn.

 I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;

    I will sing of you among the peoples.

 For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;

    your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;

    let your glory be over all the earth.


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