Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Grief Triggers, Part 2

 Monday's blog about grief triggers and meltdowns drew some wonderful comments so I want to urge you to be sure to take a look at them. I do apologize, my blog is kind of clunky with updates, and my tech skills are prehistoric. Probably the best way to get back to read the comments, is to click the link I'll give you, and then scroll down to the comments and click on them if they're not opened up. Here's the link. Enjoy!

Ellie O. mentioned in her comment the trigger of PAIN. Oh my! I hadn't thought of that one, but that's a very real and chronic challenge for so many widows. Ellie has a medical background so she was very aware of how our bodies respond to stress and grief. 

She pointed out this website to me: http://restministries.com and I know that some of you will absolutely love and benefit from it, or you know others who will. Like my blog, it's free from pesky ads, but it's a lot more professional looking and able to provide a lot more. Gives me something to attain to! 😀

Many blessings on the rest of your week, and if you would like to comment about other grief triggers, please do! I appreciate hearing from you. Your wisdom means a lot to me and will benefit everyone.      💗ferree


  1. Thank you, as always, Ferree, for your caring ministry and for your honesty & caring! I can't always read your blogs, but I do maybe 75% of the time. And it always encourages. I'm now at almost 15 months since Bill died. This second year is harder in many ways because of the fog & numbness lifting AND because of the ongoing ALONENESS (more so due to Covid). It is during troubling times in the world, as we are facing now, that the triggers hit the hardest because I don't have him here to discuss it with, to ease the pain, to add the element of "we'll get through this together" OR "I'm here for you" OR "we'll pray together" ...this has become an added "hard" or trigger these days for me.

    I did recently attend (online) a Zoom presentation about movement & exercise to help in this... It was very helpful (and not pressuring, but very assuring and caring in this journey and how simply moving can help...), and I'm thankful for little "helps" out there that provide such caring help & assurance.

    Your ministry is one of those "helps" for the same reason. Thank you for this!

    Martha T.

  2. Thank you Martha T., I always love hearing from you. I'm relieved to hear that you recogniazr pain as one of your triggers, and even better, that you're taking steps to get some care and help for it. That's so much better than trying to ignore it and hope it'' go away. Bit by bit you will enhance your quality of life and God will surely help you too. He never abandons or forsakes us. Even with our husbands gone we have the Lord and each other---we can do this. Thank you too for your encouragement!


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