Monday, August 23, 2021

A Way In the Wilderness - Drawing for Free Book

Cover artwork by 
Rachel's daughter
Widows, do you want to stop being afraid that your life is ruined? “A Way in the Wilderness” can help us
all to accept our brokenness and transform our fears.

When I first met Rachel Moore online shortly after her husband died in 2012, she seemed so fragile, wild and ready to snap. I didn’t know she was experiencing PTSD but it all makes sense now that I've read her book.

Against the beautiful backdrops of Mexico where she and Gary were missionaries, and Colorado, where God lead her to eventually begin to rebuild, Rachel tells her story and brings to light treasures of insight from facing grief and devastation. This book is risky, and honest, and one you do not want to put down. I loved it. For more details see inside pages and other reviews here.

Carefully note, in chapter 11, her take on the “God is your husband,” idea from Isaiah 54, popular with many widows. Rachel considers this topic in what I believe is an honest, but not sentimental,  interpretation of the Bible text. (And it's very touching and personal reading, not at all an academic interpretation, as you might find in seminary). I only mention it because I know that some widows who revel in the idea that God is their husband, might jump to disappointments and misunderstandings if they do not read the entire chapter. Once you read the entire chapter, however, you can rejoice over the magnificence with which God does love and care for widows and you'll have a much better understanding of Isaiah 54:4-5. 

Would you like a chance to own my copy of A Way in the Wilderness? (It's autographed to me from Rachel, so it has been read once, but it's like new). Email your name and mailing address to On Friday, friends and I will draw a name from all the emails received, and I'll drop it in the mail to you on Saturday. Be sure to include your mailing address because I won't have time this week to come back to ask you for it! 

Have a lovely week. 💗 ferree

P.S. When I mentioned I'd like to give this away this summer, Rachel was thrilled. The more who read it, the better! Keep watching for other book give-aways in weeks to come! 


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  1. Oh this is amazing! That verse resonates with me so much so now than in previous years of my journey. I'd love to read the book for sure!


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