Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Widow Shares Her Opinion---

Well that was QUICK! We've maxxed out on the free copies my friends! Thanks for the quick responses, they'll be in the mail soon. I'm sorry I can't send out more. Please visit here to order or for more info

A widow friend, Karen, read "Help! My Spouse Died" and shared the following thoughts about it. If you'd like to review this booklet too, please email me at wcplace@gmail.com. I'm interested in your thoughts and will mail up to 5 of you a free copy. so please include your mailing address. ❤ ferree

Here are the strengths I see -

* I like that it is small - purse size.    

         That means that it’s not    

         intimidating - 

as a fresh widow, 

could visualize myself reading it.

         Some books are filled with

         wonderful information but the

         thought of reading hundreds of

         pages seems daunting at that stage. 


*The author/widow’s emotions are understandable. Readers will see themselves in her words. 

*Solid, very honest sharing

*She offers hope that you will survive which is a very real feeling in the early days of widowhood. God

  will provide peace - in His time. 

*Author offers specific, concrete ideas such as: * greet God as you enter your home, * listen to inspirational music. Finally, “to suffer toward God,” read scripture everyday.

My own journey has shown that there is a future - unknown to us at the time of our spouse’s death and full of adventure if we are open to it. It is a new normal and good - in a totally different and unexpected way. 

Thank you for the opportunity to read this little booklet. I believe it will be beneficial to widows - it’s easy to feel alone and there’s peace in reading another’s story.  - Karen W. 

Thank you for sharing these valuable insights, Karen, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort. I hope your foot will heal as good as new very soon! God bless you! 

❤ fh

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