Monday, June 28, 2021

Good to Know News & Notes

đź’ĄPlease pray for those going through a terrible heat wave and drought conditions. I just returned from Seattle and missed out on the 100+ degree temperatures there today. I saw my son and his wife and the one and only grandchild, and one of my daughter's and her husband. What a delight after 21 months! And how hard it was to leave!

But another special treat was meeting with some widow friends in Seattle! Several of us have met through Facebook, and since I try to get to Seattle once or twice a year I've been able to meet various ones at various times. It seems no one can ever get together all at once, everyone is always busy, but what a joy, and what an instant connection between widows! We also video chatted with a widow who was babysitting some grandchildren. Hope she can come next time! 

A group in New Mexico is using Postcards from the Widows' Path for their ladies Bible study. It's a mixed group of women, married and widowed, but it sounds like they are profoundly benefitting from it. Andrea, Missy and I even touched on the book a bit, there are so many practical points in it because our loving Lord just seems to know widows so very, very well!

Please pray for me as I prepare for another "Virtual Widows Conference" with Widows Link. With covid restrictions last year they were unable to host their popular widows conference/cruise, and it's a little too soon to get everyone to register for it this year, so they are doing another virtual conference. I will be wrapping it up with a Book Talk like I did last year! Very fun, but also very intimidating to be in front of a camera! Here's the link for last year and I'm after the 50 minute mark, but I urge you to see the other speakers too.  

Missy, me and Andrea at Olive Garden

Do you receive Widows Christian Place in your email? After July, you might not. I will monitor the situation and try to fix it if it happens. 

This is what I've been told: 

FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner) is going away 

and then in their techno doublespeak they say:

After July 2021, your feed will still continue to work, but the automated emails to your subscribers will no longer be supported.

So, if it still works, that'll be nice, but if it doesn't, please remember to come back to this website and see if there is another type of email subscription to sign up for. Thanks!

I have more news, but I think this is enough for this week. God bless you on your widows path. It's hard! But seek him and he will not fail you. Please email me at if I can pray for you. đź’—ferree


  1. Welcome back from your Seattle trip! I've missed your posts so it's good to see you've returned safely & were able to have a good visit with the family!! Will pray for your prep for the video conference--what a challenge but sure to be a blessing as the Lord leads. Hopefully no computer glitches along the way, too :-)

  2. Thank you Bobbie, it's so sweet to hear from you. I appreciate all prayers for the video book talk. The church I go to has a great media team who are eager and able to help me. Just like widowhood it's not something i can do on my own. I'm so thankful for good resources and good friends like you!


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