Friday, March 19, 2021

March 20 * Time to Hit Refresh *

Do you remember a few weeks ago Carol DeJong from IL sent in some poetry to share? I was so pleased to be holding another poem of hers for springtime, but spring snuck up on me! It's here now though, and I hope you enjoy it to the max! 💗 ferree

Appears to me that it may be time to hit refresh

Long overdue if this was a test

Sitting at home during covid, I have the blahs

Seeing things in terms of no’s and nah’s…

So easy to get down and in the dumps

Harder to say, “ we can stand the lumps.”

This stay-at-home order is hard to take

Sick of making and doing and things to bake

I want company, laughs, confidences and more

I want to get out and see people out my door

Not dead yet but a little older for sure

Still want fun and anything that will get the cure

A new outlook is what we need to find

Start thinking of others and human kind

We should focus on what we can do

Not all that we’ve been thru

Sure, sometimes this life is rough….

And we think we’ve already been through enough

We’ve been workers and mothers, widows now

But now is the time to put hand to plow

To encourage others to see this through

To get the shot and break this Covid Flu

Show them how to face each day with a smile

Share devotions, phone calls and talk awhile

Human contact is what we need

Computer and texts just are there to read

Reach out and call an old friend or acquaintance

It isn’t hard, just needs a little maintenance

Please help us to show others your love

Knowing that our reward is from above

Refresh us oh Lord, Again, refresh us

In your Word we will always trust

What a blessing to know our new direction

Keep us in sync with our renewed connection

From you word we don’t want to part

Thank you, Holy Spirit that lives in our heart!

So, with this poem we must take heart

It won’t be long and we will not be apart

Shout out loud and make it clear….


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