Monday, November 2, 2020

2 Life-Changing Events This Week

 We who have suffered loss know by experience that life can change forever in an instant. We know that the tiniest of details--- like the turn of the steering wheel which either causes or avoids that fatal collision, or forgetting to do your monthly breast exam, or deciding which space to fill in on your voting ballot--- these little decisions can set the trajectory of life. This is wisdom! There is wisdom in the house of mourning... states a particular version of Ecclesiastes.  

 This wisdom is a fearful thing... it's that "waiting for the next shoe to drop" sort of feeling. Most people I've known speak of it during their grief work. Do you ever feel that? You are not alone. 

 This wisdom is ultimately a good thing when we learn to balance or resolve it. With God's help, we can begin to trust Him once again as we experience His faithfulness in the big picture. Our questions turn to answers--- Where's God? He is with me. Does God love me? Yes! Infinitely! Will God help me? Yes! He always keeps His promises.

 We have 2 life-changing details happening this week. Our seemingly tiny choices about using them or not can change our lives. Steep this week in prayer and use the following opportunities to consider what the Lord might be saying to you. Where's God? Does He love me? Will He help me? Please choose to hear the following and you will be greatly encouraged.

 Detail 1). The first one is the election tomorrow. Does it make a pit in your stomach as much as it does in mine? Here is a pastor's take on it, one which my Facebook friends have found incredibly encouraging and I think you will too. (If this blog post arrives on your phone or email you might need to click on the title at the top of this post to get to the live links but it's well worth that extra step).

An Open Letter to Christians in America by Chip Ingram

 Detail 2). And then please let me remind you again about this:


Saturday, November 7

12:00 noon Central Standard Time (adjust for your own time zone)

Click here for the website on the day of the event: Widows Link

For more info visit here.

May God bless us one and all in this historic week. ❤ ferree


  1. Hi, Ferree :-)

    You posted 2 life changing events this week but now I can add 2 more, happily:
    First and foremost is the receipt of Postcards From the Widows' Path--what a blessing that is, even for a non-widow yet! Thank you for writing it!!

    Secondly, there's another link to reassure readers who are concerned about election results (& other life events for that matter)
    Here it is and it comes highly recommended--hope it blesses you and yours as it has me!

    "The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights." - Hab 3:19 NIV

  2. Thank you, Ferree, for this. I just came inside from trying to work outdoors, and I became overwhelmed with ALL the work that needs to be done. Not sure how I'm going to tackle the fence falling down, the overgrown trees infringing on garage roof, etc. My heart panicked, "God, help!!!" Your three questions with answers helped calm my panicked grieving heart:

    "Where's God? He is with me. Does God love me? Yes! Infinitely! Will God help me? Yes! He always keeps His promises."

    Thank you for your continued encouragement & caring help!!

    -Martha T.

  3. Dear Martha, God knows how and when to quell our panic---your experience is a great example to me too! Several months ago I wrote down a list that started with the words "I'm afraid..." I was afraid of 10 different things that could happen with our housing situation alone! But then, probably with the advice from a friend I wrote a question about God's involvement with me and that situation. A different question about Him in most cases--and the answers. I've kept that list and referred to it frequently. It really shows me over and over again the many ways God truly does help us. Nothing is too small for His great love and strength---try writing out your own list of "i'm afraid that ____will happen" and the fitting question about God. I look forward to the blessings ahead for you in the months to come. Not saying it'll be easy but it will be amazing when you look back. <3


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