Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Widows Conference Nov. 7! You can go!

I know you can go because it's a 


Saturday, November 7

12:00 noon Central Standard Time (adjust for your own time zone)

Click here for the website on the day of the event: Widows Link

For more info visit here.

Be sure to check out the featured speakers--you might see me!


Every Wednesday Here's Another Video Ministry 

I've been an avid reader all my life---EXCEPT after my first husband died. Ugh. Reading took too long ... took too much concentration ... I couldn't relate ... I wish these videos would have been around back then!

"Wednesday's Word for Widows" posts a new, short video from Widows Link's director, Marlene Craft that is always practical and encouraging. You don't have to be on time to stream it, just go to their Facebook page and play any that you want:

I hope you can all take advantage of these! ❤

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