Monday, October 19, 2020

A Widow's Deep Worries Meet Deep Love

It's another week...sometimes we must be still while the hour hand and calendar pages move so slowly. Sometimes we hang on for dear life, like we're being tossed on stormy ocean waves. 

My friend Grace Fabian knows these kinds of days intimately. I met her at the first writer's conference I ever attended. We "just happened" to end up as roommates. I heard, as we sat on our beds in our jammies, her story of doing Bible translation for a tribe in Papua New Guinea--and then how she found her husband horribly murdered. 

What flowed from both accounts, and through all her correspondence ever since, has been the greatest story of all--the deep, deep love of Jesus Christ our Savior of everything (sin, hell, despair...widowhood). I urge you to follow this link to anchor your soul, like Grace has, in Christ. Or go to to read "What Are You Worried About?" The following lines, which apply to you too, are a snippet of what she wrote:

  • God cherishes me.

  • God is working out His eternal purposes.

  • God will accomplish something invaluable in me and through me.

  • God tells the ocean how far to come or to go, and He won’t let me suffer any more than necessary.

I will be praying for you this week. Specifically that you might know that no matter how deep your sorrow will go, God's love and His presence are deeper still. ❤ ferree

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