Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Covid-19 Was No Joke!

Continuing from yesterday... more from JoLeta:

Covid-19 was no joke!! 

I didn't put a lot of details in my post, but it was a rough 3 weeks. 

I had a fever (thankfully not over 102 degrees) for 14 days, and it didn't break to normal at all during that time. 

I am a 5-hours-of-sleep-a-night girl, and feel fortunate to get it some nights, but during Covid the fatigue was unbelievable; a bunch of days I slept 20 hours a day. 

I had shortness of breath and my chest hurt. I would check my oxygen level several times a day and had instructions to go to the ER if it went below 90. It went to 93 a few times, but thankfully no trip to the hospital became necessary. 

I had some other random symptoms that didn't last long like a rash and heart palpitations. 

I went in about a month ago and my Dr ran a bunch of tests and did an EKG and chest x-ray. Everything looked good - I just have some lingering asthma and can't breathe wearing a mask for any extended period of time. But I am blessed and very grateful. 

Here's how JoLeta coped with Covid:  
  • My kids and a couple of friends checked on me a few times a day, mostly by phone.
  • My son would have moved in if I was any worse, but I wanted to protect him while I could manage myself. A couple of times my son did show up at my door and wanted to see my eyes through the storm door.
  • They dropped off food on my porch. 
  • I learned how to use Shipt to have essentials delivered to my door. I had food delivered a couple of times. When I found the energy to cook, I would make extra for additional meals later. I mostly fixed really simple things. 
If you need proof that JoLeta is alive and well now, click here for a Facebook video of her with her widows ministry team from WidowsLink on Sept. 2. (She appears to be the shy one, just like me!) 
www.WidowsLink.org Check out the team page to learn more about her. 

Also follow Widows Link on Facebook. Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. Central time here in the USA, is a short video stream from the Widows Link director Marlene Craft with some very pertinent topics for widows.

Standing In the Gap Ministries --- amazing! And so very needed! I hope they can expand to every state and worldwide! This is a great ministry in Oklahoma. 

blessings, ❤ ferree

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