Monday, January 7, 2019

Widow's Journey Retreat March 1 - 3 I hope you can come!

Last year I got to meet Sandra and her mother. Her mom wasn't
a widow but several widows, like Sandra, brought along a dear
friend or relative for company. They are welcome to attend!
I often hear widows talk about how much they want to get together and here's a fantastic chance to do it. 😄 Click here for the info about it.
It will be at Sandy Cove Ministry Center in North East, Maryland. Costs are based on the number of people in your room. If you want to stay with other women to reduce your cost I think you can call in and ask.
Once you register, please email me at so I can be sure I get to meet you.
💗 ferree
A "Naomi" group from Pennsylvania started by using my
book, Postcards from the Widows' Path. Their leader, Denise, is
in the front in the blue print shirt and I'm right behind her.
Over 150 women from all over the country attended.
Sweet memories!

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