Monday, October 8, 2018

Butterflies and Beyond

Do you have a butterfly story to tell? Please comment or email me and I'll post it here.

This one still has me amazed:

While I was telling you about my mom's love for butterflies last week I got a letter from a man who's wife passed away in July. He started out, "...Just a few lines in Jesus name..." and it was a warm and loving little note about how God "called her home to a better Home," and that he missed her so much but was so grateful she had no more pain. We all know that feeling right?

They'd been married 50 years and God was so precious to them. And then he told me about a comfort from God when he's feeling especially lonely. Can you guess what it is? Butterflies!

At his wife's funeral he wrote a butterfly was fluttering through the sermon---I don't know if this was inside or outside, but isn't that beautiful? So now whenever he sees a butterfly he's reminded of that and it brings him comfort like a gift from God and his dear wife.

Since that day he's had three butterflies land on his left side, over his heart and shoulder.

I'm going to write back to him on this note card.

A widow friend gave me this card because it's a print of a painting that hung in her husband's room at the hospice center and she cherishes it. I've been saving it for something special and I think I know who to send it to now.

Do you have a butterfly story?

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