Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Butterflies 2

The article about butterflies is here. It's called

Metamorphosis—A Symphony of Miracles
by Dr. Gordon Wilson on April 1, 2014. Answers In Genesis magazine.

There's also a video about Metamorphosis on the page. A picture is worth 1000 words, right? It got a bit technical for me but it was only ten or twelve minutes long.
I was struck with the similarities to widowhood in the following quotes from the video.

Speaking of the chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly, a scientist said,
"...transformation to an entirely new way of living is nearly complete...
Widows also transform to an entirely new and strange way of living. They didn't volunteer for it either.

Another scientist said that the caterpillar needed to 
"switch gears and form a new body plan." 
I'd say that describes what a widow does too. How do you function when it's like half you body is missing?

Widows are often secluded and very lonely... It seems that caterpillars are too:
"This timeless drama of death and renewal is performed in the seclusion of the chrysalis without audience or applause." 
I'll bet you haven't heard any applause either.

So much goes on in a widow's grieving heart.
"...transitions have to take place in the heart...You've got a great big orchestra going on in there and you've got a conductor...that's responsible for it all." 
This isn't only talking about changing into a butterfly, is it? It sounds like what a widow goes through too. Except that the conductor of her orchestra loves her personally and so deeply that He once sent His only begotten Son to rescue and redeem her. He won't abandon her during the dark days one spends in the cocoon of grief, wrapped up in herself like the wings of a butterfly.

One day God will help her break free from the cocoon and spread her wings. We can't rush the process though. ❤ferree

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