Thursday, August 23, 2018

Widows Memory Bears

Hello! I'm so pleased to share these photos from a new friend named Sue. Aren't these bears the cutest things? Sue says that a family friend offered to make them for her, and like Pat's memory quilt that I showed you yesterday, her husband's shirts and other pieces provided the fabric and the memories.
Sue said,
I asked family members if they were interested.  Each one who was actually picked the shirt they wanted made into a bear.  Then we met with my friend Donna and designed them.  

From the left: bear made from husband Roger's chenille bathrobe and one of his favorite shirts. The bear went to their daughter.
The plaid bear was from a favorite shirt that Sue gave her husband, and now it's her chosen keepsake.
The next bear is sporting a favorite red sweater and was given to a family friend.
Finally, the bear on the far right was made from the shirt and jeans that Roger wore when he held their youngest granddaughter, Sutton.

But wait, there's more!
This is granddaughter Sutton's memory bear with some pink
accessories to make it more feminine for her. Sweet!

And this stylish bear went to the oldest granddaughter, Amanda.
It was created from Roger's ties. I love the yellows and
blues and the great way the seamstress placed the
patterns. What a wonderful keepsake!
I was so tickled that Sue shared these photos with us and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. And I hope they give you some ideas of how you could create some keepsakes too.

Please pray for Sue as she faces the first anniversary of widowhood in just a couple of weeks. Pray for widows every day---we might not know their names, but we know their hearts.

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