Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Where Does the Time Go?

I remember how I always wanted to either push the "rewind" button or the "fast forward" arrow on my life when I was widowed. Have you felt that way too?

Time is so weird during grief. Sometimes your old life seems like it belonged to someone else--like it was another lifetime. Other days it seems like only yesterday since your husband passed--whether it's been seven months or seven years.

But life eventually balances out. Eventually. Never quickly enough. But it does become more bearable. And then some day, and I know this sounds unbelievable but it's true-- you'll come back to life again. God is an expert at resurrection. Can you believe that? Just something to think about...

How has your summer been? I work in a school library and yesterday was the first day of school! My summer is over! But I'd love to hear about yours. Click the comment line and say 'hello,' OK?

Last Friday a few widow friends came over for an afternoon of snacking and chatting. It was such a pleasure to gather around the dining room table. Everyone brought a snack--we had homemade cheese cookies (a yummy Southern thing), ham roll-ups with cream cheese and pickled okra (delicious!), cheese and pretzel appetizer, pecan sandies, and lemonade.

We also got to enjoy seeing what one of the ladies has been up to since her husband passed in December. The pictures show part of it but don't do justice for all the beautiful details. It's a Memory Quilt! Pat, the lady in the white top, loves to quilt and she made this queen size quilt for one son, and another one for the other. Each has an embroidered personal note on the square between the two dachshunds. The doggies were family pets, and the patchwork pieces are all from her husband's shirts.

I thought you'd appreciate seeing Pat's memory quilt. If you have pictures of some things you've created in honor of your husband e-mail me at I'm sure everyone would love to see them.

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