Monday, March 19, 2018

Widows Journey Retreat with Tammy Trent

Here's another highlight from A Widow's Journey Retreat at Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, Maryland, two weeks ago. Plan now to attend next year! Mark your calendar for March 1-3, 2019 and start funding your piggy bank. Prices for a quad: $215/person; a triple room: $265/person; a double room: $315/person; single room $425. (Prices include delicious meals and beautiful facilities overlooking the Chesapeake Bay!)

Tammy Trent
graciously let me get a photo op after she spoke
and touched our hearts on Saturday morning. 
Please click here and then click the play arrow for the 5 minute video of Tammy's profound story and you'll catch a bit of what we heard at the retreat. (If you're reading this on your email and the links or photo do not appear please click the title of this page to go directly to the blog for them).

Here are a few quotes from my notes for the rest of Tammy's encouragement to the group at Widows Journey:

"God's intention is always to move us to a place of wholeness and healing."

"Things are allowed to happen when God sees it will serve a greater purpose."

"What do you need? . . . Without healing we spread brokenness."

That question "What do you need? was reiterated the next day. I always perk up my listening when I catch the same messages. God loves us and I've found He's willing to repeat things until we hear and pay attention.

So exactly what do you need? Let's talk about it.

If you've been working, working, working, trying so hard to get through this on your own, one thing I can tell you is that widow after widow I talked to that weekend said the same thing: How do people get through this without the Lord? 

If you wonder whether or not God and his promises really exist and operate like Tammy said in her video--even when we are numb with sorrow and heartbreak--add your comments here today or email me with your questions at This is a safe place to examine our questions and doubts.  
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