Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pictures With Friends!

Lisa and Judy now know my secret shame--
I'm a failure at line dancing! I promise to 
practice, be able to do it longer than 5 minutes,
get more coordinated,
and dress better for it next year. ;) 
Here I'm with Janice and Ann--I didn't know
they were coming but they sought me out
because they read this blog! Ann was in my
small group too and it was a sacred privilege
for me to meet them and to feel that instant
kinship we have in the Lord.
Hi Everyone! Here are some of the other widows who read this blog! I met them in person at A Widow's Journey Retreat! If you have other photos please email them to me--I'm sure everyone would love to see them. WCplace@gmail.com  
♥ ferree

It was such a blessing to meet Sandra! She lives in California 
and happened to be out east to help her parents just at the
right time attend the retreat. Her mom, Mildred, not widowed,
but graciously came along. Many women brought a family
member or friend and I think they enjoyed it too.

This special group started about 3 years ago with a lot of prayer,
using my book "Postcards from the Widows' Path," and the
faithful commitment of the lady in the front with the blue print top, 
Denise Sweeney! It was an absolute delight to meet them all
and to have Marge (back row, first on the left) in my small group.
How cool that so many from this group in
Pennsylvania could all come together!

My roommate Bettie! She's been a widow
for 19 years but you can see from her smile
that it doesn't keep her down because
of the joy and comfort she's found
in the Lord. She was also a small group
leader and has helped with the retreat every 
year since the start. Maybe she'll be your group
leader next year if you come---you'll love her!

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