Monday, July 3, 2017

Instant Friends

Have you ever met people and felt an instant friendship? It happens to me 99% of the time when I get to meet widows and other people who've read my book or my monthly column in Just Plain Values magazine, or who follow this blog or have joined my confidential groups for widows on Facebook.

BUT THE COOLEST THING is when I can connect widows I know with each other and they can experience instant friendship too! This happened two weeks ago when I got together with Cathy, Nancy and Pam from the Seattle area. They'd never met each other either, but we all had an amazing time of fellowship because of Jesus Christ and what He means to each of us as we've followed Him on this widows journey.
June 19 from left to right:
me, Cathy, Nancy, Pam at Wild Fin American Grill
on the waterfront in Tacoma, WA 
If you'd like some instant friends online here are a few ways to connect:
  • 1. To join my Facebook group, send me a friend request on Facebook PLUS a personal message saying "Lifeboat."
  • 2. Comment on blog posts and share your thoughts. This is a great benefit to you as you put words to your experience, it helps others know they are not alone and they learn from your hard-earned wisdom.
  • 3. Visit other blogs in my blog roll and comment on them. You can use an anonymous identity if you want but I find it helpful if you put your first name or initials at the end of the comment, like you're signing a letter.
Begin to reach out to widows in your local community too. If there are no widows ministries in your area then google GriefShare to find a good starting point by attending a session in your area.

Join me in attending A Widows Journey at Sandy Cove (Maryland, near Philadelphia), March 2- 4, 2018! Or have your church bring me to speak to your widows group--it's a great way to kick off a widows ministry. I only ask that they cover the cost of my travel, give me a place to sleep if it's overnight, and let me bring along one of the most effective helps for widows--Postcards from the Widows' Path.

Well, that's a lot to consider as we head into this week. Holidays like 4th of July can be especially lonesome, (I KNOW! Read "Happy 4th of July--NOT" ), so I will be especially praying for you.

If you have any trouble using the links today, either look this up on your computer instead of your phone, or go directly to this blog by clicking the title "Instant Friends" instead of staying in email.



  1. Thank you for your continued efforts to minister to other widows. God's abundant blessings continue on you. <3

    1. Thank you sweet Vicci, and blessings back on you too. <3

  2. I've personally met some of these instant friends from your fb groups. It's amazing !!

    1. I hope to meet you sometime too, Donna, you're one of those amazing friends too and a good friend to all!


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