Monday, March 27, 2017

A Widows Journey Retreat

Most of us missed out on this wonderful retreat for widows that was the first weekend in March. So start saving up for it now because I know that after you read what it was like for some widow friends this year, you will want to go! Thank you Marcia and Donna for your comments! And thank you, Gayle Roper (author of many books, including A Widow's Journey) and Sandy Cove Ministries for hosting this blessed opportunity in Maryland!

You had asked my thoughts on the Widows Journey weekend at Sandy Cove. I am 4.5 years out from my husband's death and my friend is 6 years out from her husband's passing. (She also lost her son 6 months after her husband). We weren't sure about attending thinking maybe it would bring back too much of the sorrow of the early years. I emailed Gayle and asked. She assured me that there would be women there in all stages of widowhood and that the weekend would emphasize the positive. So we signed up thinking if nothing else it would be a weekend away at a nice location. Gayle was certainly right. The first night we met widows of 3 weeks (cannot imagine!) to 26 years. There were women from California, Texas and Missouri and most East Coast states. Both my friend and I felt so at home with everyone in our small groups right away. It was such a relief to be among "friends" who understand and a relief to not be around couples and be odd woman out. We sat with different women at almost every meal and had great conversations. The worship time, led by Kathy Benjamin, was inspiring. The speakers were uplifting. The food was delicious and the accommodations were lovely. We are planning to return next year -- not that we really need so much comfort anymore but that we both feel like we can be used to help other widows not as far along. We would also like to explore the lovely grounds at Sandy Cove. This year the weather was very cold and windy but the views of the Chesapeake Bay is amazing even from inside. I would just like to encourage anyone thinking about the weekend to come! I'm thankful I did.  ~ Marcia S. T. Pennsylvania

What a great weekend. Thanks for recommending Widow’s Journey! I met up with Kathy H. (another widow who knows Ferree) on Saturday and we were able to meet several times at lunch and supper. On Sunday, Gayle Roper had women that were either leading a  group or those interested in starting a group for widows meet at breakfast. A table for 8 was reserved, but quickly grew to 14. We moved to the auditorium after breakfast. We exchanged emails and hope to keep in touch with one another. Two ladies in that group follow your blog--and they are in the process of starting their group, Naomi’s Ministry.

Sandy Cover was the perfect, serene setting for this weekend. Would love to attend next year. ~ Donna H. (California)

If YOU would like to attend next year, please save the date! It'll be March 2 - 4 (Friday - Sunday, click here for details). I wasn't able to go this year but I'm putting it on my calendar so it has top priority this time! I HOPE YOU'LL COME TOO! Wouldn't it be great to meet all of us who are already friends online?
♥ ferree

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  1. We did have a wonderful time at the Widow's Journey weekend. Thanks so much, Ferree, for encouraging your friends to come next year. I promise a time of encouragement and friendship.


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