Monday, March 20, 2017

Word of Life -- Wish You'd Been With Me

Hello everyone! I can hardly believe that one week ago today I was in Hudson, Florida at Word of Life! I had the privilege of speaking to over 300 women about "The Two Most Important Decisions in Life." It was great to see and hear these ladies respond with laughter, sympathy and a yearning to know Christ Jesus as I spoke. I asked for a show of hands for widows and it was a sacred privilege to meet many of them, to sense that deep bond of suffering, and the even deeper faithfulness and love of God to them.
Amy Bush, a WOL staff person and emcee extraordinaire,
Caroline Ersig who knew she had to call and ask me to speak
when she could not put my book down, and me :)

Uh-oh, looks like I'm telling about Tom's motorcycle
accident at this part--was I afraid I'd lose another
The RV Park residents started hosting ladies lunches about three years ago as a community outreach. During January, February and March they invite new friends for a delicious luncheon, special music, exciting features (it was a PURSE auction this month!) and an entertaining speaker with a touching testimony.  Proceeds fund camp scholarships and impact hundreds and hundreds of kids who would never experience a week of camp without these full scholarships. It was wonderful to be part of such pure generosity and God's means of reaching the world.

Word of Life Florida is a multi-tasking ministry hub that includes a Conference & Retreat Center, a Bible Institute campus, an RV Park for year-round retirees and snowbirds, and Youth Camps. I encourage everyone to visit and be blessed by the wonderful fellowship and activities!

Tom and I went to a concert on Friday night and heard a very cool and talented group called Southern Raised--- they're amazing! We spent Saturday afternoon like lizards soaking up the sun at the pool, and on Sunday we went to a great church service with Doug and Joan Bagg of Grief Care Fellowship. It was a weekend packed with blessings.
Feeling grateful!
♥ ferree


  1. You are getting to experience a bit of the RV life while working.

  2. Yes I did, Teri! It's a pretty cool alternative!


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