Thursday, December 1, 2016

Memorial Wall for December 2016

Here's the December listing from the Memorial Wall here at Widows Christian Place. I hope you'll use it throughout this month to pray for everyone. If you'd like to add your own tribute to the Memorial Wall, please follow the directions mentioned here. I'd be honored to add your precious memory too.

12/6/2012 * Stephanie * Jason * Rylee, 4 year old daughter * "I will always love you Jason. You are missed."  USA
12/07/2012 * Karla * Matt * It was a fatal seizure brought on by Wellbutrin, Zofran and Ritalin., Matt was only 24 years young. We have no children. At the time we had only one cat, Grizzabella The Glamour Cat, she was at home alone with Matt when he collapsed. I came home and found Matt collapsed on the floor of our Master Bedroom non responsive. This past month was nine months, but it does't feel like it. This next month will be ten months and his Birthday was Oct. 6, he would have been 25. I'll be in Bolivia, but honestly I don't think it's going to matter where I am. * Tennessee 
9 December 2012 Lorraine/Rainey/FlowerLady * Mark ~ Bladder cancer/cardiac arrest * We met on my 17th birthday. We started going together eight months later, dating for almost three years. I am thankful for our 43 years of marriage. Thankful for our loving and growing together through thick and thin. I look forward to our reunion and being together with Jesus forever. I am thankful for being drawn closer to Jesus and thankful that He is taking even greater care of me during this part of my journey than when my husband was here. Jesus is my strength when I am weak, some days I am weaker than others and need His strength more. * I miss my dear husband and best friend daily. I feel his love and encouragement all around me in our little haven we created here on earth. I am thankful for all that he did to take care of us through the years. * Florida
12/10/2012 * Farrel * Andy (Hypertensive Heart Disease) * Children: Sheri (33), Landry (27), Lance (19) and Andrea (11) * All of my love…..All of my life. We miss you every minute of every day. USA
12/11/2010 * Belinda * Marty (my Beloved) only 55 heart and issues after cancer * Luke (28) his wife, Amanda and Ethan (2y son); Laura (27); Andy (24); Amy (20); still at home Aaron (18), Isaac (16), Jeshua (12); Hosanna (9) * GOD's way and timing is perfect! He is my strength and song!! Thank you for 30 marvelous years and being a godly, caring hubby, father and friend. We shall meet again! * Alaska 

12/17/2012 * Pat * Kleob Nicholas Loflin, Jr., causese of death: Brain tumor * Twin daughters, Rachel and Rebecca (ages 53), son (Nick) age 43; Two grandchildren: Nicholas (9) and Kayla (6) * Did not know about brain tumor until 6 days before he died. Played golf two days before suffering a massive seizure and stroke. On life support for two days before being declared brain dead. We met in college and were married for 52 years, he was my best friend, my lover, and my all. He was a good man who loved doing for others. He is sorely missed. This is how I feel: Lost and adrift on a sea of sorrow, my ship sails on towards unknown tomorrows. (editorial note: the line of poetry is from an original poem by Pat Loflin. Please do not copy, thank you. fbh)
12/17/2011 * Joy * David, after a year of being hospitalized in different cities for Sepsis (blood infection) after recovering from 3rd back surgery. * Two sons age 25 & 20 at the time * Texas
12/18/2000 * Tom * Marilyn - ovarian cancer * Aaron, 10.

12/24/2014 * Suzanne * My husband Bob passed away 12/24/2014 following a five year fight against NHLymphoma. He went through two rounds of chemo during that time. He ran the good race and finished well sharing his faith with our 16 grandchildren and everyone he talked to. We were married 24 years and had a blended family. He has three adult children and I have one adult son.* I can't say enough how very much I love him and miss him so. We decided that he simply couldn't wait for Jesus' heavenly birthday celebration so left a day early. 
12/24/2012 * Kerri * Larry passed from a stroke at age 43. * Blake 14, Bailey 12. * I was blessed with sharing 15 yrs of my life with my best friend. * New Mexico
12/24/2010 Cindy * Mark - Aspergillis pneumonia following kidney disease * Andrew: 29, Melissa: 27, Matthew: 25 * Grandchildren: Kori 6, Katie 4 months * Karly just born 05/2012 *
My life will never be the same without the man I was married to for nearly 30 years. I miss him every moment of everyday, but am thankful to know he is at peace with his creator.
12/25/1996 * Myra * Delbert – heart attack at 3:00am * Meredith (10), Sara (5) * Joined Jesus on His birthday.

12/30/2012 * Sara * Allen - He died of a massive stroke or heart attack very unexpectedly. * Allen and I have 4 children. (I will list their ages at his time of death.) Matthew, 37; Elizabeth, 33; Emily, 30; Katherine, 28. * I am so grateful that we were able to work out some of our most difficult problems before he died. God is good. * Illinois
12/31/2013 * Becky Poisson * Philip Poisson, died of alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency * Greg 26, Elizabeth 23 * Denver, CO

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