Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just A Quick Note...

What a week! Last weekend I got to experience a hurricane! I'm glad it was only a category 1 by the time it got to me here in South Carolina. Our governor and weather forecasters did a wonderful job of preparing and warning everyone. Hurricane Matthew did not heed their predictions though and landfall was much closer to my area than anticipated. Fortunately my house and property didn't get any damage. Our power went out last Saturday morning. Tom hooked up a generator to help our refrigerator hobble along. Turning on the generator for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours before bedtime kept our food cold enough in the frig, and frozen in the freezer. Dining by candlelight on cold food was far from romantic so I was very grateful when the power came back on 6 days later.

We're still waiting for our Internet connection to be restored, so until then my online presence will be spotty. Isn't is good that the Lord's power is more reliable than our own? Please keep praying for all who were affected by this storm, especially for widows.

love to you,

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