Saturday, August 20, 2016

Morning Hymn

Do you ever wake up too early, or perhaps not ever fall asleep? This was how I felt one early morning, and times since, but I like how the thoughts that came to me helped put life in perspective. No pat-answer solutions, or three-easy-steps, but God does penetrate the ozone layer at times. May you find time to rest in Him this weekend.



by Ferree Hardy

I wake before dawn

and in the dark

begin the song

of ancient ways

and steadfast praise

With each note

the darkness fades

a rooster crows,

and spider sews

one last strand on her

dewdrop doily

Birds arouse

They join in

Mourning dove,

Robin, wren

Singing of You,

the Giver of all

Your goodness freshens

it brings cool hint

of snow and mint

to salt-stained skin

Red-brimmed eyes

and sadness-fevered


Father of health

and life itself

with love beyond

the stratosphere

and faithfulness that

fills the sky

Your glory orbs

the earth we hear

And wrapped in shimmering


it reaches down to

collect the songs

of one weak woman

and birds

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