Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Widows' Group in Cary, NC

Dear Friends,

Here is another widows group with some wonderful ways the Lord is working in their midst. This group is especially close to my heart because I was able to meet and serve with them in March. It was a fantastic time of fellowship and I hope to tell you even more about it in the months to come. But for now, here's the skinny on this sweet group. The widows group director is Margaret Trail and she kindly answered my questions --- for the benefit of us all! Thank you, Margaret!   ferree

Name of the group and/or the church sponsoring it: We are called Widow's Might of Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina. 919-233-9100

How long the group has been going: I'm not sure, but I've been a member for almost 10 years.
How often the group meets: We meet the second Tuesday of each month. We are now in the process of adding organized Bible Studies for the widows who work.
Main purpose: 
            The mission of Widow’s Might is to partner with widows, encouraging dependence on God, surrounding members with a loving Christian community and embracing life with hope and promise. 

Please describe your usual meeting:
 Our luncheon meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. Our lunches have a great variety. Sometimes the ladies bring a covered dish or favorite casserole; sometimes boxed lunches or sub sandwiches are on the menu.

In April we met at a local cafĂ© and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship.
For May we will have a missionary from Missions to the Military and a lady from Linking Arms (linking the spouses of the Military with church members). We will provide chicken salad sandwiches and the room will be decorated with red, white and blue. We will pledge the flag and sing patriotic songs.
For June we will have a birthday theme! The ladies will bring a favorite salad. Ice cream sundaes and a birthday cake will be provided. The ladies are asked to bring either a wedding picture or a picture from when they were young and we have to guess who is who. 
What good ideas has your group used that would be good to share with other groups?
  •  In July because of VBS we will meet dressed in red, white and blue, and have hot dogs cooked in a crock pot with all the trimmings, and maybe apple pie for dessert. We hope to play Bingo. Even with other events going on in the church we will meet and enjoy each others company. 
  •  We have a Widow's Might leadership committee who helps in planning our events and helps in many other ways such as sending birthday cards to every widow in our church. We divided the list among each member of the leadership team and they are responsible for 2 months each. Keeping in touch with the widows by cards, visits and phone calls is very important. 
  •  Also, in March we had a Saturday morning brunch and had Ferree come and give a seminar. We asked her to speak to our widows about going from "Surviving to Thriving" after our husbands are gone. And we also had her do a session which was open to all the ladies of the church. It was about how the church can help widows. Afterwards our leadership team took Ferree and her husband, Tom, to lunch to talk about  how we'd like to see our widows ministry reach out. It was a long day for the team, but very worthwhile and we've received excellent feedback. In the midst of broken hearts we're excited about widows ministry and the wondrous ways of how the Lord moves and guides us.

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