Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Is There for Widows to Give Thanks for on Thanksgiving?

From a widow friend after Thanksgiving last year....


This Thanksgiving I invited another widow and her two young boys over. Her husband passed away 7 years ago and she just turned 40.

We sat at my big table...her all my children...

For a moment, emptiness swept over me as I realized none of these children had an earthly Daddy any more. No male "head" was seated in the foremost spot.

With a deep breath, I made a decision to focus on the smiles of just being together. I thought of how my friend had survived on this journey far longer than I . . . and then I simply gave in to joy.

This was not a time of sadness. We both knew we have had enough of that and it would surely come calling again. Instead, my Thanksgiving day was an amazing testimony to survival and courage and hope.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me this respite from my grief. Thank you for helping me focus on the blessing you were giving me in the "now" and not letting me waste it. Thank you, Dear Father, for giving me a glimpse of joy. Amen



  1. ~ my Thanksgiving day was an amazing testimony to survival and courage and hope. ~ Yes, oh yes!

    Thank you Jesus for your many blessings ~ FlowerLady

  2. My first Thanksgiving as a widow was 11 days after my husbands home going, and was a testimony to God’s grace. This will be my second Thanksgiving "alone", and I’m content and at peace with life. I plan on spending the day by myself doing some fun projects and letting a batch of spaghetti sauce simmer on the stove.

    FlowerLady Lorraine, I visited a couple of your blogs. What an amazing lady you are, and an encouragement.

  3. Thank you for posting ladies, and I totally agree with Mrs. Mac about our Flower Lady! You sound pretty amazing yourself Mrs.Mac! God bless you all on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

  4. I want to sincerely appreciate God for his faithfulness over me and my children. In fact it has been God all the way since 3years ago my husband passed on. Nov 30 will make it 3year. Lord I say thank you. I want to encourage all widows in the Lord to hold on to God and his promises. God be with us all and make his face shine upon us.


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