Thursday, October 15, 2015

GriefShare Holiday Help

Griefshare might have a "Surviving the Holidays" event in your area coming soon. This is a two-hour seminar to help you deal with grief during the holiday season. There's a 40 minute video with practical tips and suggestions, there's a group discussion, and you'll receive a Holiday Survival Guide.

Visit Griefshare and enter your zipcode to find the event location closest to you.

Also there are helpful articles and stress-reducing holiday suggestions. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this helpful website!



  1. I assisted in facilitating this seminar at my church for many years. Participants found the ideas for surviving the holiday season very helpful. They left encouraged and filled with hope that it is possible to enjoy the holidays even while grieving.

    Please take advantage of this wonderful resource.

    Michele Kearns

  2. Sadly, there isn't a seminar close enough for me to attend, but I found much encouragement in the holiday tips. I wish I'd known about setting boundaries last year. As a brand new widow I was floundering and wound up doing more than I was ready to do, and it made the holiday's more difficult for me; BUT, God is faithful and He helped me through those days and I was able to smile through it all. I've been praying for several months about what I'll do this year. God will provide and guide my steps.


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