Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Widow's Story: Bev

This past Sunday marked the one year anniversary of when Bev's husband, Kenny went home to heaven. She sent me the following, and I'm happy to share it here today. ferree

Moving Ahead, one step at a time
Bev S.
"I would like to share
a little something I wrote
in memory of my husband, Kenny.
 Hoping it will encourage some widows."
Life can get a little messy sometimes...
you know, it throws that unexpected curveball right in your face! 

How do we handle it? Do we just 'shake-it-off'?? Do we 'work-through' it?? 

It's easy to say what we 'would' do---until it happens to us. 

I had thought about it many times--- what would I do if Kenny passed away? How would I handle it? Not to be morbid, but because my husband and I were nearing the big 6-0...yep, 60! 

We were getting ready to put the house on the market and move to North Carolina, near my oldest sister, so we could start our early retirement.....we couldn't wait! 

All the updates on the house were done and we were ready to sign the contract to sell. But suddenly my world was turned upside down and inside out, without warning...that proverbial curveball!!

Kenny had gone into sudden, unexpected cardiac arrest...what???? We were having our 'date day,' it was all planned out, as was our move to could this happen?? 

"I know," I thought. "It will all work out and Kenny will start to exercise and eat better as a'll be good to be in better health for his retirement anyway."

However, that was NOT God's plan for either of our paths....He had different plans. Needless to say, the next few days, weeks and even months are a bit of a blur still. I went back to my thoughts over the years about 'how' I would respond, react and cope with such a tragedy...

I had not even come close....

But I do have to say, The Lord Himself has manifested His Presence when I needed it, and on several occasions, gave me that wonderful peace that, literally, passes understanding! I'm not going to lie, this journey has been rough but with God's grace, I have made it this far and will continue to move forward. 

I do find comfort in knowing that God's plan for my life has always been this; widowhood is not plan "B." Kenny's path on earth ended with him walking into the arms of His precious Jesus and bowing at his feet in abandoned in His eternal presence!! 

I do not know what God has in store for me yet, but I trust Him! Until I see Him face to face, I move ahead, step by step, one day at a time.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I need to know "...that God's plan for my life has ALWAYS been this; widowhood is not plan "B.""

    Now, I can stop some of the questioning and I move forward on my journey from wife to widow.

  2. "Widowhood is not Plan B." What a statement! It felt like Plan B to me at first, but as time has passed I have realized before God formed me in my mother's womb, He knew that I was going to be a widow.


    1. Amen!! It changes our perspective doesn't it? <3
      Bev S.

  3. None of us are ready for the plan B of being a widow. We wanted to go on living, loving and learning with our husbands, but our awesome God had other plans. He has great plans for us here on this earth too.

    May we all be shining examples of God's love for us on this journey.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing. Like the others, widowhood is defiantly not plan B. We are all part of plan A. God is in the business of finishing what He started. I'm in tears because I will miss the plans Bobby and I made together in sadness but. on the other hand I can look forward in joy and thanksgiving as I walk toward the completed plan God has for me. Its comforting to know that I don't have to do this alone and that His grace is still sufficient. Blessings to you.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that I am not lving Plan B. The Lord knew that my husband and I would be on a hike and my husband would fall into the arms of Jesus before he hit the trail. The Lord has proven Himself faithful, loving, compassionate. There are not enough words to declare God's goodness the past almost two years.

  6. I too believe that every step, every hair doesn't move without it first being authorized by our Father. I just read this morning that when our last breath is taken on earth out next breath will be in heaven, we leave one room only to enter another. Death is the curveball that takes us to home plate. We are still out fielders but what a joy to know we have a stand of heavenly witnesses cheering us on. :-)
    Apostle Paul reminds us "for I reckoned the sufferings in this present life is unimaginable to the glory that awaits us"

    1. Amen sister!!! One day.......

      Bev M Stevens


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