Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Memorial Wall for July 2015

From Africa to California, husbands in their 30's to those twice that age, here's the July listing from the Memorial Wall here at Widows Christian Place. Each one tells of a sacred life and people who loved each other. 
I hope you'll use it throughout this month to pray for everyone. If you'd like to add your own tribute to the Memorial Wall, please follow the directions mentioned here. I'd be honored to add your precious memory.

* Sandie * Jesse-lung cancer. * We were married 34 3/4 yrs. It was a 2nd marriage for both of us. He was my soul mate. We did everything together. I thank God for my remembrance of my beloved. I keep wondering if the ache in my heart will ever lesson or go away. I am thankful that I will see him again someday. Miss him terribly.
7/5/2011 * Janinah Mbabazi * Butera Deo died of cancer of the liver * Tita was 3 years, Emma was 5 years, Bella was 15 years, Blanche was 16 years, steve was 19 years and Claude was 20 years. * I want to know God's will for my widowhood and strength to keep in such will. * Kigali Rwanda.
7/7/2012 * Donna * Terry -- craniopharyngioma-brain tumor. * Terry and I were married almost 16 years. Terry was my best friend and soulmate. Terry was a giver to others and always had a positive attitude even during times of great pain. He enjoyed life and showed me how to as well. 
7/09/2013 * Nancy * David(57), carotid artery rupture from thyroid cancer * I left for work that horrible morning thinking all was fine - got a call 25 minutes later that my precious husband had been taken to the emergency room - an hour later he was forever gone from my life * battled three forms of cancer throughout our marriage (Hodgkin's Disease - age 19; Thyroid Cancer - age 51; and Lymphoma - age 53) * two adult daughters (33) and (29); grandson(9) and granddaughter(4) * married almost 39 years, together 41-1/2 years * the love of my life and best friend * I will forever love and miss you!
7/10/2012 * Karen * Gene, Esophageal Cancer * Joshua, 28 * Gene was diagnosed on July 12, 2011 and died 354 days later. We were married 30 years. I know he is with the Lord and know I will join him when my time here is done. I miss him immensely, but am very grateful for the time we had – he completed me and I don’t know how to fill the hole left in my life when he died. Our prayer was and remains that God be glorified in the way we handle Gene’s illness, his death and the grief that has followed.
7/11/2013 * Amber Fleming * Rodney William Fleming (heart attack) * Aerial Fletcher - 25, Jordan Fleming - 23, Hayes Fleming - 14, Lawren Fleming - 12, Copeland Fleming - 8 * Never imagined that my husband would be called home so soon. He was 43 at time of death and we had only been married 2 1/2 years. We had been together for 6 years, he was a Father to the Fatherless and a Loving, Caring and Kind Husband. Forever he will be missed. * La Quinta CA
7/11/2012 * Donna * Larry, he was 56, died suddenly of a massive heart attack * two daughters, Erin/28, Lauren /25, son in law Danny and grandson Liam/6 mo when Larry passed away * He was my best friend, we were married for 34 yrs. I miss his sweet spirit but my heart smiles knowing he is with Jesus. * Orange County, CA
7/11/2012 * Beth * Chris, suicide * Hillary, 15; Jonny, 12; Hannah, 7 * We miss you so much. Wish we could've said good bye.
7/12/2009 * Megan * Matt - drowned * Jacob, turned 18 the next day.
7/14/2012 * Joan * Duke, age 60, died from Glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of primary brain tumor. * Devoted husband to Joan,61, loving dad to Kara 37, Jared 33, Brett 32. Beloved Pop to Cameron, Brynn, and Colton. * We shared our lives together from the age of 16. I will love and miss him til the day we are reunited in heaven.
7/14/2009 * Teresa * Larry (cardiac arrest, age 56) * children: (his and mine) Tracy 35, Jonathan 35, Jennifer 33, Derek 33 * Oh, Sweet Man of Mine, I miss you so! I believe in Happy Endings...the best is yet to come! * Coastal Georgia, USA
7/15/2012 * Lucy * Edry, died from early-onset frontotemporal dementia * children from first marriage Nelida (31), Edry J (29); my children that he adopted: Michelle (34), William (32), Joey (30) * Edry was diagnosed in June of 2008. He rapidly declined in 4 years. He died at 55. We were married 22 years. Dementia and Alzheimer’s steals the most important part of dying and that’s the memories. It became one-sided. I reminded him of all the memories I could, even on his death day. Nothing hurt more than watching him die with no memory of us, of me. I miss his laugh, his excitement of the Lord, his silliness. I can’t wait till I see him again. * Chicago, IL
7/16/2012 * Lois * Jim. He died from complications following a knee-replacement surgery. (second knee replacement, first went without a hitch 7 years prior). Married 45 years, 3 adult children, married. * Debbie 43, Jimmy 40, Amy 29; 7 grand children, ages 2 to 20 yrs. * Jim was the life of any party, and he was the one who brought meaning to my life. I’m so lost without him. He’s now rejoicing with his Lord and I’m grateful for the 45 years I had with him! God is faithful. “I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:8 * Arizona
7/16/2010 * Carol * Steve - aortic dissection * Elizabeth, 23; Phillip, 20 * The week my husband died, he said he felt closer to the Lord than he ever had before. I now strive daily to have that same kind of relationship with the Lord since my husband's passing
7/19/2013 * Lisa * My husband James died at age 48 from electrocution at work * Holly was 27; Wes and his wife Nicole, who was expecting our first grandchild, Addison, were 24; Kayla was 22. * James was an incredibly loving, godly husband and father. Everyone loved him and he was famous for his bear hugs which he was generous with. We will miss him forever.
7/19/2011 * Teresa * Doug, aged 58, lymphoma * adult son, Jason and grand daughter, Kate, aged 10 * Married just short of 38 years * Ohio
7/20/2013 * Tanya Bean * Keith Bean, Sr., Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) * We did not have any children together, however as a blended family we had 7 adult children. Ivan, Cora, Keith Jr, Nicole, Llewellyn, Eugene and Sharon. * Keith was a Christian man who loved to share and serve God, he had ALS for 3 1/2 years and he served as an Usher in church. Even when he could not hold the bulletins in his hand he felt he could still stand and greet the people with a smile, kind word, weak handshake and he did so until it was no longer possible for him to stand for a long period of time. * Country: Sandy's, Bermuda
7/21/2011 * Joyce * Franklin, 57, Cardiac Arrest due from complications of diabetes/NASH liver disease * Shawn, 28 * After 36 years of marriage, Franklin was still the love of my life, a wonderful father, a friend to all, we will be reunited one day in heaven. He left us a gift of memories, a twinkle in his eye that one would never forget, a laugh that could be heard in the next room, a heart and love for Christ. We miss him daily but we know he is in the loving arms of Jesus. *Oklahoma
7/22/2010 * Christy * Patrick - complications following heart attack, died in 3rd open heart surgery at the age of 34 * Olivia (born 3 months after her father's death) *
7/24/2010 * Billie * Robert - age 61 * beloved husband of Billie, father of Christina * This dear, kind, noble man was the center of my life. I will love and honor him all my days and am waiting to be reunited with him in Heaven
7/25/2011 * Debbie * Steve, plane crash * Sarah 18, Jessica 16, Jackson 12 * Steve was a wonderful husband and father. He had a huge personality and infectious laugh. Steve was the most generous man. Steve is missed by his family and the community.
7/25/2010 * Sheri * Merlin - Colorectal Cancer * Cindi- 26 married; Holli- 24 married; Heidi- 23 married; Philip-20; Patricia-17; Abigail-16; Peter-14; John-12; Naomi-10; Grace-8 * He is missed desperately as a Daddy and husband- but we thank the Lord that he was a Daddy who loved his family and his God. * Eastern PA

7/28/2012 * Leslie * John, 61. John choked and collapsed in full cardiac arrest. I tried to give him CPR. He suffered too much brain damage and was on life support for 6 days. On 7/28/12 he was taken off life support and he died surrounded by his family. We were married for almost 12 years, but we knew each other and were best friends for 26 years. * My step-son, Justin, is 22. * John was known by his laugh! He was a generous, joyful person and wore his heart on his sleeve. I miss my best friend terribly. * North Carolina
7/28/2011 * Brenda * Robert, 66 years old, heart attack. * two children Philip 39, Shelda 35 * four grandchildren. * Our lives have changed forever. We were married for 42 years.
7/29/2012 * Joey * Raymond * We were happily married for 48 years and had so much in common and did everything together. He was not sick, in fact he was happy when he went out the door. The Lord took him instantly. I found him and am still devestated.
7/29/2012 * Leslie Jean Sanders * Jeffrey Sanders * Died two days after surgery to remove vascular tumors found on his spine. He felt great after the surgery but even with the precautions for an at risk patient Jeff passed away after pulmonary embolism. Jeff loved his family and nature. He was an amazing photographer. He is my best friend and my soulmateChildren: Marckus (24) * WA
7/30/2011 * Babs * Norman (Barratt) –aged 62, post op. complications. * John - aged 39. Laura - aged 35. * Lovingly, remembered. We’ll worship the Lord together, again, one day.


  1. The way you present the Memorial Wall is done with such love and reverence, thank you for that, it is a gift,

  2. Thank you Linda, I hope it shines through. As I read everyone's listing each month I'm always impressed with the depth of meaning in each line. These were wonderful husbands and fathers and they will never be forgotten by their loved ones. It's an honor to list this each month.


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