Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't Let Me Loose My Way

Hello Dear Readers! Linda Lint here "blogging in" for Ferree as she continues getting her much needed and well deserved rest. She has been such a blessing to me and so many other widows. It is indeed an honor to be able to help her now!

Today, Wednesday and Thursday we will be sharing posts from the blog of Rebecca Sorrells, Sonshine Through the Valleys.

Don't Let Me Loose My Way

Faith is just a crutch for the weak.  Ever heard that before?  I have & besides being slightly offended I never had much of an answer until now.
Now that my faith is being tested beyond anything I thought possible, I’ve thought more about this statement.  Actually I think just the opposite is true.
If anyone knows about weak it’s me.  I feel utterly broken & beat emotionally.  It seems the easiest thing to do right now would just be to give up.  To walk away from my faith.  To take those unanswered questions about my unanswered prayers & just throw them all to the wind.  Forget it all.  That would be easy right now.
However, I know my faith was built on a firm foundation.  I know there was something REAL about it.  So I hold on.  Sometimes I feel I have a firm grasp.  Other times, like late at night when I’m overwhelmed with memories & questions, I feel my grip slipping, but still I hang on.  Some moments I’m hanging on by my fingernails, but I’m NOT. LETTING. GO.
This has showed up in my prayer life.  I’ve started praying that God not let me lose my faith in Him.  I didn’t know how else to word it.  Imagine my surprise last Saturday when I was at a Christian concert & heard the group for King & Country singing my prayer!  “Hold on to me!  Hold on to me!  Don’t let me lose my way!  Hold on to me!”  Yes, this is my daily prayer!
And the awesome thing is, I know He will keep holding on to me. How awesome is that?!!  As long as I’m reaching out to Him, He will keep holding on to me, no matter how tenuous I feel my grip is.
So I will keep saying my daily prayer.  And I will keep holding on to His hand, because I know that THAT is where my only strength comes from.  Praise Him for that!

The Son shines even in our valleys,

Copyright 2013 by Rebecca Sorrells. Used by permission. For more of Rebecca's writings from her heart visit her blog Sonshine Through The Valleys

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  1. when I'm going under I'm reminded
    this wonderful promise . .

    "now unto Him who is able
    to keep you from stumbling and
    present you faultless, before
    the presence of His glory with
    exceedingly joy" Jude 1:24

    His grace and mercy is such as he protects us and shelters us from the many dangers, snares and pitfalls the devil places in our path. Grief I believe is one of the strongest test of the believer's faith. God promised ALL whom the Father gave to Christ absolutely nothing or no one is able to pluck us out of his hand, we are anchored in grace and secured in mercy.


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