Saturday, June 13, 2015

"I Will Trust In Thee"

Dear Reader,
I'm the one who needs to take in this song the most -- "I Will Trust in Thee..." but I hope you won't mind my sharing it with you too today.

I find myself at a time of life where I'm not sure what direction God is leading, I'm not sure of my abilities or strengths; I'm not sure what the future will hold. Asking for help with this blog, admitting my health struggles, and committing this time to simply relinquish control----to put trusting in God into action---- to enter "A Place of Pause" (sound familiar?) has been a challenge. And it still takes a lot of work to produce this blog and to connect the writers and readers even though I've cut back so much. But God has limited what I can do, so I offer to Him what I can do, and trust Him to do what needs to be done. He knows that so much better than I do!

How about you? Widowhood certainly imposes limits on what you can do, doesn't it? Nothing will ever quite be the same and that's hard to accept. I remember when I did my share of chafing and gnawing and crying against it. But like Candy said on Thursday, there comes a point where we simply must STOP and REST. And that fits so perfectly with what I always urge you to do on the weekend---take some time to come apart and rest in the Lord. Someone has said, "Come apart before you fall apart." Are you in a place or a season of Pause, Stop, or Rest today too?

The following song was performed in my church last week and I clung to every word. I'm so glad I could find this video that included the words. It's not my church's, but it includes the words which are so crucial. I pray you'll be able to watch and worship along with it sometime this weekend.

And come back next week to meet my blogger friend Carrie Jo. I've loved the responses and comments you've shared with Candy this week, and I know you'll appreciate Carrie next week as she shares how the Lord walked with her through widowhood, a child with a disability, remarriage, and facing the annual bittersweet "Fathers Day."   
 P.S. If you receive this blog post by email and the video is blocked, just click the title at the top and you'll go to the actual blog site where you may view the video.


  1. Rest in Jesus dear Ferree!

    I love this song. I never heard it before, it was beautiful and moving.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love, hugs and prayers to you too, FlowerLady. Stay cool today! I'm so glad to hear you were blessed by the song like I was.

  3. That song was just what I needed to hear this morning, Ferree. Sat and just cried as I listened to it. Trust.....a simple word that requires so much that is hard to do when we can't see the whole picture. Thanks for shairinf this and for all that you mean to me and all the other widows whose hearts to whom you are ministering.


  4. Now you've got me crying, Candy! Tears of joy and gratitude, beauty from ashes, sacred moments that God gives us even though we've never met in person.

  5. Trust....such a small word that has such a big impact in our lives. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing Ferree. You are a blessing to so many!

    Darlene T

  6. Surrender, trust, cleaving-why is that so difficult for us? What a beautiful song! I love it! Continued prayers for you, Ferree.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging and uplifting song. Thank you also for your words of wisdom and encouragement straight from our Father's heart. I pray that God's strength will be your portion. Shalom. Esther Morkel

    1. Peace to you as well Esther. Thank you for your kind words and prayers, you're very encouraging.


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